Prayer to Our Lady of Mercy

If you feel you have problems, oppression for various reasons, or vices from which you cannot separate, say a prayer to Our Lady of Mercy.

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😇 Our Lady of Mercy
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Our Lady of Mercy, also known as Our Lady of Mercedes, is worshipped almost everywhere in the world for the number of miracles attributed to her.

It is one of the best-known images of Mary because she made apparitions not only in Europe but in much of America. However, her first apparition is the most representative. It was presented to a bishop asking for the formation of a legion that would later be called the Order of Mercy, which would be in charge of freeing the Christians of that time from slavery.

She became known for being the merciful Virgin and for helping noble causes. Moreover, in times of war, she ended the plague, saving the lives of hundreds of people.

If you have any favorites in which the prayer to Our Lady of Mercy can help you, do it with faith, so that she may intercede for you in various ways in the name of Our Lord God and Jesus.

Prayer to Our Lady of Mercy

Oh! Our Lady of Mercy! Merciful, who cares for her children, pious, who washes away the sin of the soul.

Our Lady and Mother, who raised her voice to the needy, to those who, silenced by pain and suffering, could not find their divine happiness or the way of the Lord.

I pray to you with blind devotion on this day, because I want to find myself in prayers in your mercy and be touched by you, which frees the soul from bonds and the heart from any form of slavery and the chains of evil.

Most Holy, may my prayers, on this day, ascend to Heaven, and may the angels sing my words to you. May they fill you with glory, Mother, for you deserve only praise and praise.

Touch my soul, give me a little of that peace, take me out of any forms of slavery, and put my day and my history in order. Oh! Haughty. Oh! Sacred, I do not doubt the infinite grace that adorns you, and that is why I pray to you on my knees.

I am but one of your children who purifies my heart. Our Lady of Mercy, grant me the privilege of praising you and asking your intercession for this humble Christian who honors you.

May you be blessed and sacred forever! May your faith and miracles see no boundaries, no history, no colors, mother.


When you feel like a prisoner, pray to Our Lady of Mercy

Go to meet and help Our Lady of Mercy, because her grace will come to you only if you speak to her from your heart and of true repentance.

Why only she can break the ties that keep you prisoner and that do not allow your soul to be liberated to reach the glory of our Lord.

Our Lady will hear you only if, through repentance, you give praise, light a candle, and promise to keep your soul pure by praying continually to her and Jesus. You can only free yourself from what makes you feel a prisoner through prayer.


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