Prayer to Our Lady of Health

Pray for your health or that of your loved ones to Our Lady of Health so that, with her divine protection, she may care for you and any relative.

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πŸ˜‡ Our Lady of Good Health
πŸŽ‰ Commemoration:
πŸ™Œ Patron: of the sick

Our Lady of Health has been honored and revered since time immemorial, especially on the European continent.

She is considered the patron saint of the sick because around 1600, the Virgin interceded to prevent the plagues and diseases that afflicted the most vulnerable populations, as a result of the non-existence of the health system and the consequences of war.

Today she is known for granting favors and miracles to those who are going through a delicate health situation or if they have a very sick relative who needs help.

Prayer to Our Lady of Health

Our Lady of the Most Holy Health, who reigns over Heaven, I ask as her son, her intercession for my cure so that I may enjoy the well-being of life and overcome the evils of illness.

Lady of Health, with her powerful and sacred mantle, only you can wash away the impurities of the body and fill it with your divine grace.

I pray that my words may reach your ears, my Lady, that you may have mercy on my vulnerable and painful body, and that you may suffer the evils of the earthly world.

Our Lady, bless me, sanctify me, so that sickness may depart from me and death may not overcome me, and so that I may continue to spread your miracles.

Mother, I also pray for the cure of the sick, those whose feverish body is weakened by disease. For them, too, I ask your immense mercy.

Also, for your infinite mercy that I may have health and happiness, dear Mother, because only your love and the blessing you give to those in need gives us faith and hope for healing.

Sow in me and my loved one’s joy, healing, wisdom, and courage. It takes away the fever and the evils and strengthens our body to continue with our little work as servants.

May you hear my prayers and sow the seed of energy in my body and soul. I beg you in the name of our Lord.


How to make your request to Our Lady of Health

Sickness continually tests our faith, and so when we face such an obstacle in which our body weakens, it is at this time that we must have faith and pray with devotion. That is why take the prayer and make it yours, concentrate on every word and phrase.

Pray your prayer with devotion during the night, asking Our Lady of Health, the mother of the sick, to listen to you as her child. Let each word come from the bottom of your heart, and you will see how she will respond to the call of a child as faithful as you.

Just remember that you must be sincere, open your heart and spirit in prayer to Our Lady of Health, because only She can intercede for your healing and the sick by hearing your prayers.


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