Prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe

Pray now your consecration prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe to obtain an urgent grace. Do not forget to make your promise.

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😇 Our Lady of Guadalupe - Empress of the Americas
🎉 Commemoration:
🙌 Patron: Americas and Mexico

Our Lady of Guadalupe is Queen among the Virgins, Mexico being the leading country where she is venerated.

Her story goes back to the arrival of the Spanish in the American lands when they wanted to colonize the natives. The Virgin appeared to the owner of the property called Juan Diego. It was the first time she granted the miracle of healing and prevented his death.

Since then, the Virgin has been the patron saint of Mexicans, and her feast is performed with songs, praise, offerings, and the gift of her infinite mercy is celebrated among her faithful.

Raise your prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe that she intercede for you, our Mother, and you will see how you will be heard, for there are many miracles performed in her name.

Prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe for difficult, impossible and desperate cases

For you, Madam, that nothing is impossible or difficult, I beg you to help me in my life with your infinite and inexhaustible power. Why can you perform any miracle.

Grant me this favor that I beg you. My desperate soul only finds comfort in your maternal grace.

Mother, who reigns from Heaven with a righteous hand and incomparable divinity, hear my call in this prayer and solve this request and problem in my life.

Because the pain I feel in my heart is excellent and can only be relieved by your mercy.

May the difficulty be comfortable with your hand, Mother. May the impossible become possible under your grace! May despair become hope only through your intercession!

Mother, listen to your son, my soul, I wish that all that now suffocates and scourges me may be resolved in the name of Jesus!

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mother of God’s servants, bless me. May you reign in eternity and listen to this son who cries out for your help!

Amen Jesus! Amen God!

Pray to Our Lady of Guadalupe for a grace

Madam, teach me the grace of your son Jesus, and the power of God our Lord, you are the light of hope in my life and heart.

Virgin of Guadalupe, Mother, who teaches her children the respect, obedience, dangers, and evil of the world! You protect your children.

I, (name), praise you and celebrate you always, Lady, I want to follow your image in my life, dear Mother.

I ask that when I am in the shadows, I find your light on the path in prayer.

I ask that when the pains penetrate my heart, reach me with your hand, and purify me.

Lady, intercede for your son (name), as well as for the other children, so that when we are troubled by darkness, we may find answers in your name, image, and faith.

Always fill me with hope, joy, and happiness. Help me to fulfill the missions that God left on earth.

Mother, grant me these favors, and you will see in my devotion for the Lady.

Amen Jesus! Amen God!

Prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe for protection

Mother, faithful to the light of Jesus Christ, intercedes for her son (name) to find the light.

Mother healer! Purifying Mother! Protect me (name) from the enemies that lurk, while I seek the word of the Lord to make this prayer as dogma in my heart.

Protect me from all the evil that abounds in the land of God’s servants. Always raise your mighty hand upon your son (name), that the devil and the darkness may depart.

Let the enemies who seek to disturb my thoughts and my heart find another way, and cannot enter my body and spirit.

O Lady, bless your son (name) so that at night when I contemplate you in my dreams and prayers, the darkness does not invade my eyes. I want to rest in peace with the Word of God and Jesus.

N. Lady, protect your son (name) who has faith in your grace and who tucks into your mantle.

May shadows and darkness be kept away from my body and spirit under your protection.

Amen Jesus! Amen God!

Prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe of gratitude

To thank you, I exist, Mother, Our Lady, for your grace, I live, so I raise my prayers to you.

Every morning, I can enjoy new dawn and preach the word of the Lord.

Because every night, I can talk in prayer with you and our Lord to express my infinite love and devotion.

For all that you offer me and for honoring me with your presence and your blessing, I always thank you, dear Mother.

Mother, you make me feel happy to be able to breathe one more day in this life, under your protective mantle.

For my body, my mind and my spirit, which only honors you, I also want to thank you in prayer, for giving me this life.

Our Lady, I thank you today and always for filling me with your blessings.

Amen Jesus! Amen God!

Prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe for love

There is no heart more pure and perfect than yours, Virgin Mother of Guadalupe, and that is why I come to ask you to intercede for me so that love and peace may always reign in my life. (name)

Among us, your children, love is hard to find, the one who is pure and full of grace because that feeling can only be found in you, Mother.

Mother, I ask you to help me find honesty and faithfulness among the servants of God.

Mother, who was made of light and love, reach out your hand and ask your intercession for my joy of enjoying the sublimity and sincerity of love.

May a servant of God be able to love me, as God the Father loves me, with my sins and imperfections.

Because love finds me only through his divine intercession, I ask you, Mother.

Amen Jesus! Amen God!


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