Prayer to Our Lady of Fatima

Are you in a situation where only a miracle can solve? If so, pray to Our Lady of Fatima right now and you will obtain the grace.

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😇 Our Lady of Fatima - Our Lady of the Holy Rosary
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Our Lady of Fatima has performed a significant number of miracles throughout her history. Since her first apparition to the three shepherds of Fatima: Lucia, Jacinta, and Francisco, there have been numerous testimonies about Our Lady’s intercession in the lives of her followers.

The Lady appeared for the first time to the three children with the promise of a better world, the end of the war, and the eradication of the disease. The Virgin appeared countless times until finally, the Church recognized her miracles.

Our Lady’s Day is celebrated on May 12, and the faithful blindly believe in the Virgin’s intercession. Every year they go to the temples to pray the Rosary and raise prayers in her name to perform miracles.

If you need a miracle, do not hesitate and pray with faith the following prayer for Our Lady of Fatima to help you with your problems.

Use the words in your prayers such as mercy, work, humanity, the advocate of Jesus Christ, blessing, greeting to Mary, advice, family, sympathy.

Prayer to Our Lady of Fatima

Today, I humbly ask you from the bottom of my heart and devotion, my Saint, to come to my call, O glorious Our Lady of Fatima. You alone are capable of opening your heart to my supplications.

Heavenly Mother of Jesus, who grants favors to your children most devoted to your word! I come to ask for your intervention in my life so that the miracle for which I pray for my salvation, honor, and glory may be accomplished.

My hope in you is infinite and knows no bounds, so I call you alone, Blessed Mother, patiently. Because only in you, Our Lady of Fatima, do I entrust the deepest fears and secrets of my soul.

You, who with your tender gaze and infinite love help the most desperate, the most miserable servants of God, I ask you with all my soul and redemption to help me with this miracle.

Only you, holy Mother, can cleanse my path so that the obstacles do not diminish it. So I can fulfill the mysteries and the mission of God, our Holy Lord.

Holy on this holy day, cleanse me, love me, bless me, and only then will I be blessed with your majestic grace. May your heart full of compassion pity your faithful follower who seeks only response and protection!

Please give me some answers. Cleanse my mind and calm my heart. Hear my desperate prayers.

I give thanks to the Holy Mary! I give thanks to Our Lady of Fatima!

I give thanks to Jesus! I give thanks to Jesus!

Pray the Rosary to strengthen your wish to Our Lady of Fatima

In her first apparition, Our Lady of Fatima asked the shepherds to pray the Rosary, because only in this way could they purify their souls as to have your prayers raised to Heaven.

If you want your prayer to have a more significant effect and Our Lady grants you a miracle, pray the Rosary once a day and make a novena to Our Lady of Fatima at night to ask for blessings. Only in this way will she hear your supplications and purify your mind like your heart.

The holy rosary is one of the forms of prayer that pleases Our Lady the most, and that is why most of the time she listens to her faithful, is when they pray the rosary in her name.


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