Prayer to Our Lady of Exile

Do you want to be comfortable, are you looking for a better life, or do you need the courage to make a change? Say a strong prayer to Our Lady of Exile.

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Prayers to Our Lady of Exile

πŸ˜‡ Our Lady of Exile
πŸŽ‰ Commemoration:
πŸ™Œ Patron: of the outcasts and refugees abroad

Our Lady of the Exile is a title given to the Virgin Mary in the flight of the Holy Family through Egypt when they were persecuted by sinners who attempted the life of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The prayer to Our Lady of Exile protects people who have been expelled or who have to flee from their country and city because of adverse circumstances that compromise their integrity and need help or forgiveness.

She is considered the queen of exiles and refugees in our times, where millions of people in the world must leave their homes to seek a better life, she is the patron saint most sought after by Christians.

Have faith in her prayers and requests to the Lady of Exile!

Novena to Our Lady of Exile for 9 Days

Our Lady of Exile!

Oh! Queen, banish all evil energies in my life and my house. Remove that which does not come with good strength and goodwill. Bring your help, peace, love, prayer, fortune, abundance, health, and joy into our lives.

Always blessed, fill me with your grace, Mary, Queen of exile.

Prayer to Our Lady of Exile for changes

Always blessed lady, fill me with your grace, divine, Virgin of the Outcast.

Mary knows all our needs, sorrows, miseries, and hopes. She is interested in each one of her children. She prays for each one as ardently as if she had not had another.

Our Lady of the Exile, Mother of God, who suffered the anguish and uncertainty of flight and exile in the distant and unknown Egypt, taking with you Herod’s son threatened with death, listen to our supplication.

Here we are, through him, trusting in your love as a kind and understanding Mother. To you, who are already in the definitive homeland in heaven, we beseech your feet, asking for protection for us, pilgrims in this world, on the way to meet the Father in the heavenly Kingdom. We request your intercession for all families who seek the comfort of a home, the security of work, and the daily bread. You bless this place, these people who trust in you and are honored to invoke you as their Patron.

Through love and this prayer, the Lady of the Banishment intercede in heaven, Mother of those who suffer, give health to the sick, raise the despondent, restore hope to the destitute of this earth. Accompany the migrants, the refugees, the foreigner, from their origin and all those who are far from their homeland and family. Help the children, give strength to the youth, bless the families, animals, and the elderly. Give us the power to build a living and holy Church and to work for a just and fraternal world. And after our journey through the world, making more and more prayers, we will be Lord Jesus Christ at your feet.

Blessed Virgin Mary!

Amen Jesus! Amen God!

πŸ“ƒ Author Father Reginaldo Manzotti

Prayer to Our Lady of Exile to drive away someone or enemies

Mighty Our Lady of Exile declared, the savior of all those in need of protection, this prayer is to turn away (name of the person) and ask you for protection against all my enemies.

Protect me against my enemies, keep away from me those people who want me badly, who do me harm and harm me with their evil intentions and negative looks.

Protect me with all your powerful forces against evil, against envy, and evil-eye that may harm me. Especially from (name), get him out of my life.

Take away from me the bad companies that harm the people who are trying to make my life a real disgrace and me.

Grant me through you, the miracles of your mighty grace, your help, and your divine protection.

Bring true happiness by attracting people with positive energy and strength to continue the struggle.

Fill our life with positive things, laughter, love, forgiveness, and good times.

Take away evils, enemies, and bad and evil people.

Amen my Jesus! Amen my God! Amen God!


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