Prayer to Our Lady of Childbirth

Our Lady of Childbirth is the protector of all those women who seek a safe and protected birth by the grace of our Lord, Jesus.

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😇 Our Lady of Childbirth - Our Lady of the Hour
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Those who want their baby to be born without any trouble on their way with the privilege of being a servant of God from birth should pray to Our Lady of Childbirth from the depths of their faith.

Every year thousands of women around the world who are faithful believers in this honorable divinity come to meet you to receive your grace and for your pregnancy to have a healthy path and development.

For you who will be a future mother or who wants to have a baby soon and seeks the intercession of Our Lady of Childbirth to have a birth without distress! We invite you to pray this prayer that you must pray with great faith to have a delivery that takes place under the privilege and protection of God and the Virgin.

Prayer to Our Lady of Childbirth

Blessed Mother, of the Childbirth, I come to you to entrust my birth to your protection. I commend to you the fruit that I bear in my womb because I trust in your grace with the consideration of a daughter and without the anguish of motherhood.

You who are Sacred among all the others, protect my baby on his way and so that during the birth he may be born bathed in the grace of his Son, Our Lord, Jesus! So that I may have a safe delivery, I ask you, Mother.

Blessed Virgin Mary, I feel that the birth of this baby will bring joy on the road to life, to us who are in sweet expectation of his coming into this world.

As my birth takes place, pour out your blessing on me and my son, dear Mother.

Have mercy on my son and me, because we are devoted servants of your word and that of God. Listen to this humble request from a mother, with doubts and afflictions, who only desires a birth full of grace.

Mother, you who suffered the pain of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, give me more strength to be courageous in the discomforts of pregnancy, take away my anguish, make me calm. Protect me from all the illnesses and diseases during the birth of my child, my son.

By your maternal grace, I ask for your intercession on the day of birth. To protect you and to be perfect and to stay away from any sickness.


How to make your request to Our Lady of Childbirth

To have a safe birth and for your baby to be born without any problem or difficulty, you should pray the prayer to Our Lady of the Hour during the nine months of pregnancy.

As long as you know that God has given you the grace to be a mother, then you will have to pray this prayer every morning to entrust your birth to the Blessed Virgin. With this, you will have the privilege of having the fruit of your womb and your motherhood, being cared for with grace and devotion.

Even after giving birth, you should pray the prayer during the first month of your baby’s life to keep him protected under the mantle of the Virgin and the glory of Our Lord. This is the only way to ensure your baby’s health and well-being.


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