Prayer to Our Lady of Candelaria

If you are desperate and need to find a way, or you have a lost cause, say a prayer to Our Lady of Candelaria. She'll hear from you.

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😇 Our Lady of Candelaria
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Our Lady of Candelaria, known as the Morena Virgin, is one of the representations of the Virgin Mary who enjoys great popularity not only in the Canary Islands (in fact, she is the patroness of the region) but in Latin American countries.

She is known as Our Lady of Light, who helps to find the way to God. In the same way, the date of her feast was related to the day when the Child Jesus was presented in the temple.

This Marian invocation interceded for her followers in various ways, either to grant favors or to help the harvest. In fact, in ancient times, many farmers asked the Virgin Mary to have productive plantations during the harvest season.

However, today she grants favors of any kind to her devotees, so if you believe in the Moreno Virgin and need her intercession in your life, honor her by this prayer.

Prayer to Our Lady of Candelaria

Mother of light, Mother who ascended into the Kingdom of Heaven to protect us with her heavenly mantle from the company of the Lord!

Praised be you and blessed among all that exists between heaven and earth. Our Lady of Candelaria, who, with her light, accompanies lost souls to find the way of Christ!

Perpetual be you on high, today I beg you, Mother, to intercede so that your servant (say the name) may be better! May you make me stronger and better than I already am by your grace alone.

Because my faith in you is infinite, as is your grace, that is why I live only for you and you, because you are my hope and my protection. Let me bathe you in your light, which can purify everything.

Virgin, keep me away from the enemy and free my soul from any evil that could come between this love that I confess for you. Dear Mother, teach me to become stiff and always have you in my heart.

I ask you as a favor to free me from the chains that bind me to sin and to dust the temptations that put my faith to the test, and only then will I surrender myself body and soul to your cause. For your light finds me even in the darkest night. For His Grace fills me in the abyss of word and soul.


Our Lady of Lost Causes

Our Lady of Candelaria is also known for performing miracles for those who consider their problems as insoluble and lost causes.

Therefore, if praying just once does not strengthen you, nor is it enough to solve what is tormenting you, then you should practice your prayers and meditation continuously.

For her to hear you, you will have to pray in the mornings when you get up, next to the image of Our Lady, so that your connection with her will be even more intimate and personal. Pray until your cause is resolved because only in her will you find the answers you seek.


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