Prayer to Our Lady of Aparecida

No matter what grace she needs to achieve, with this strong and powerful prayer to Our Lady of Aparecida, she will always answer your prayer requests.

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😇 Our Lady of the Conception Appeared
🎉 Commemoration:

The first time Our Lady of Aparecida appeared in Brazil was in 1700 for some fishermen who lived in a modest village. As fishing had been awful during the last season and people were beginning to starve, the Virgin appeared to them.

Our Lady of Aparecida made her nets fill with fish, which was even difficult to bring back to the village. From then on, a fisherman built a small altar in his house, where the villagers would always ask for favors and pray to the image of Our Lady of Aparecida.

Therefore, if you need any grace or make a special request, you should pray the prayer to Our Lady of Aparecida with great devotion. That way, Mary will answer you.

Prayer to Our Lady of Aparecida to obtain a grace

Our Lady of Conception Aparecida, today, I pay homage to you with sweet and grateful words that only want to praise your sacred image.

My mother, Mary of Brazil, who can do all things and with her power over us, her children, to show us the way of prayer, of light, the idea of truth!

In her image, I intend to place my humble hopes because only in her divine spirit do I find more relief, inner tranquility, consolation, and reach answers to all the doubts of this vast world.

(To make the request)

Lady of Aparecida, my Saint, I ask this urgent favor in this prayer, which makes my life miserable and corrupts this heart. I need your help on this day and hour of your divine light to achieve happiness.

Give me joy and blessings, dear Maria Aparecida, because only under your mantle of illumination, because only with your merciful hand will I be able to reach the path.

Give me the answers in this prayer that I try to find and intercede for me, who am a simple son of flesh and blood who bows before you, my Lady. Give me the answers in 3 days so that I know that you are listening.

(Ask for grace)

So that you may reign in heaven with Jesus and hear the calls of his children here on earth, I ask you, Heavenly Mother.

Thanks to Our Lady of Aparecida!

Prayer of gratitude to Our Lady of Aparecida

Because I can do nothing else, but thank you, Our Lady of Aparecida, in prayers.

For your divine grace, I thank Our Lady. Forgiving me the wisdom I need to understand that your word and love are perfect things there are.

Holy, because it is only for you that I convert the heart of this humble servant of Our Lord, and it is only through him that I want to find the way of light to Paradise.

I thank you in this prayer, Lady of Aparecida, for blessing me with what little I have that although it may seem nothing before the eyes of others to me, it is everything.

For this soul who only wants to serve you as a servant who does not find hope and joy, because only under your protection do I find myself serene.

For my family, who blesses your name and venerates your sacred image of the divine Virgin, Mother of our Lord the Savior of the world!

For the bread that is served at my table, I thank you also and for all the goodness and pleasures that I have been able to enjoy in this life.

And for bathing the earth with her gifts and blessings, I also thank my Virgin for appearing because only her hand is just for the children of God.

Bless me always. Follow me forever, and I will thank you without hesitation and rest for seven days at the same hour.

Thanks to Our Lady of Aparecida!

Consecration Prayer to Our Lady of Aparecida

Our Lady of the Apparition of Brazil, listen to me because these words were created only for you, Mother, just and heavenly.

I entrust myself, Holy Mother, body, and heart to your cause. Because of the faith I confess and know that only in you can I find peace and consolation.

Lady, who was created out of the purest love there is, I want to entrust my soul so that the day and hour I bid farewell to this plan may be under the protection of your mantle.

Oh! Our Lady of Aparecida! I entrust to you all that I am, all that I have. Just as God entrusted his son Jesus to you, so I entrust my soul and serenity to you so that I may call you Mother, for my help, protection, miracle, and to achieve consolation.

For you alone are the queen, and you deserve the goodness and praise of all those who pray to you.

Amen to the Lady of Aparecida!

Amen to the Lady of Aparecida! Jesus!

Prayer to Our Lady of Aparecida to bring back love

Our Lady of Aparecida, hear this desperate cry that I make with an afflicted heart.

I have lost a pure love that has caused a wound in my soul, and that is why I beg you to help me, Holy Mother.

You who know that for the soul to be nourished, we need passion, you who know how needy we are of him, I ask you to intercede for me.

I know that only your power is pure and infinite, and that is why I ask you to put your hand on that heart and return it to me.

Our Ascended Lady, grant me the miracle of feeling the healing again of this bitter spirit and wipe my tears.

I have a wounded heart, which now only suffers the torment of abandonment and finds only more relief in its prayer.

So that love may return to this servant with a humble heart, I beg you with these lips that only honor you daily, Mother, may the graces abound in this heart, and the storm ceases.

Amen to Our Lady of Aparecida!

Amen to Our Lady of Conception!

Prayer to Our Lady of Aparecida to get pregnant

Lady of Aparecida, mother of my brothers and our Lord Jesus Christ!

Listen to the words this servant of God has to say to you today because you are the only one where the heart finds comfort.

I want to be like you and have the joy of carrying a child in my womb. I ask for your blessing that I may become pregnant and be called a mother. Hear my prayer, Lady of Aparecida.

Because having a child is the most glorious blessing a woman can have, and that is why Our Lady, I implore you, with your light, grant me this favor.

My son will bring the word of God to the world, and just as I will honor you every day, for yours is eternal grace.

I exist only to adore you even in my darkest nights, and that is why I ask you to intercede on this opportunity so that I may become pregnant.

May you hear my prayers from the kingdom of heaven, which I preach to you with such faith, Most Holy Virgin.

Make me a mother so that my heart may be filled with joy on this day and that I may bring another servant of the Lord into the world.

Through your immense mercy and your desire to be a mother, I humbly ask you in this prayer, Lady of Aparecida.


How can you strengthen your requests to Our Lady of Aparecida?

To make your prayers to Our Lady of Aparecida, light a blue candle, and ask for the cloak that covers it to give you protection, so that your prayers will be heard.

Prayers should be said for seven days so that Our Lady can help you with any problem in your life. Pray always and with more devotion and in silence to achieve graces.


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