Prayer to Our Lady Mary, Help of Christians

Our Lady Mary, Help of Christians, has an incredible power to make some miracles happen quickly in times of weakness, help, and protection of the home.

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Prayers to Our Lady Mary, Help of Christians

😇 Our Lady Mary, Help of Christians
🎉 Commemoration:

Mary Help of Christians is a representation of the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ. Millions of Christians throughout the world pray for the protection and salvation of their souls.

Her image is always accompanied by a heavenly choir, like virgins, prophets, and believers who venerate her faithfully. While at their feet are raised images alluding to their famous victories and miracles for men.

Prayer to Our Lady Mary, Help of Christians to obtain a grace

Holy Virgin protector bring help and protection from all the evil that threatens my house like the world. I thank you for all the good you have brought into my life, my home, and that of all Christians because it is your holy and divine mercy that leads us along the way of your son Jesus.

I ask you to hear my prayer, Mother because I am in despair of the miracle I am asking you for (making the request). It is for the well-being of the people involved because you know that I would never use the name of God or Christ to ask for evil or to hurt anyone.

Put your protective hand on all Christian men, and allow souls to reach the path that leads to God our Lord because the temptations on the way are many and the bodies weak.

Our Lady Help of Christians, I beg you to grant me the help and the miracle that I ask of you today. You know that I am the right person and that the laws of the Creator dictated my life. I am a servant of God, and I will be at your disposal for the rest of my life, so please, Mother, grant me this miracle, and I will be eternally grateful to you.

With your unconditional love for God and Christians, give protection to my family, my home, and also to my close friends, so that together we may find divine mercy.

Amen Mary Protectress!

Prayer to Our Lady Mary, Help of Christians, protector of the home

Blessed be Our Lady Mary, Help of Christians in the kingdom of heaven for eternity, and may her glory be spread over the souls of Christians on earth.

My prayer is one of gratitude for all the favors you have granted me and for the protection you have always given my family and me even in moments of greatest weakness.

I hope that at this time, you will expand your protective cloak to all my home and my material objects because I feel that society is increasingly corrupted and full of evil.

Give me help and infinite Grace, so that envy, jealousy, and sins are kept away from my sacred home. For it is a house of God, and there is no place for the atrocities of the modern world. My home is a sanctuary that, under your name, brings us love and well-being, so please help me to protect it in the darkest moments.

You are my light, Mary Help of Christians, and I implore you to keep us always present in your prayers before God. Just as we pray to you every day with great devotion, intercede for us before the Creator and make him see that we are a family loyal to his word and his love.

Amen Mary!

How to make your requests more intense

All prayers to this lady protector must come from the heart, humility, and respect. Sincerity is one of the characteristics that the Mother of God values most, especially when it comes to helping and supplications in her name or the name of God, or of her son.

Ask with great devotion, and you will see how your prayers will always be heard.


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