Prayer to Our Lady of Conception

If your greatest desire is to conceive a child, go now to the power of prayer to the Immaculate Conception and ask for the grace of becoming pregnant.

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Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Prayers

😇 Our Lady of the Conception - Immaculate Conception
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The Immaculate Conception of Mary is the image of the Mother of God, whose praise has existed since time immemorial. Being the mother of God, she is perfect and immaculate by the original sin to which all others are subjected.

God created Mary to give birth to his son, Jesus. Since then, Mary has held a unique position in the kingdom of heaven because she is our mother and that of God’s son.

Our Lady of the Conception refers to the birth of Jesus Christ, who was born without sin because Mary remained pure. From there, she praises herself in her image and glorifies herself in the love and grace of God.

Favors are asked for so that only she can fulfill because, as a divine Lady, only she has that power. If you are a faithful devotee, read the prayers for him to intercede for you.

Prayer to Our Lady Conception to get pregnant

Lady Immaculate Conception of Mary, I ask you today because I want to be a mother like you. Lady Mary, who begotten the son of God without sin, give me the blessing of being able to bear in my womb the fruit of love.

Because I want to be called a mother because I want to enjoy the grace of teaching my son to adore you, as I do, blessed Virgin, only You, who enjoy infinite maternal love, can grant me this blessing.

I am only a servant of God who has given herself to his word and to the divine task of loving you, praising you and honoring you through my prayers. Deliver me from my sins. Forgive me of my sins. Listen to me, Holy Lady Conceição.

May the angels who adorn you intercede for me before your presence so that I may beget a child of my own. To conceive of a son who will take his name and Jesus’ name and serve his cause.

Give me fertility, make my womb the perfect cradle so that this child may grow healthy, and my pregnancy may be bathed in its glory. May there be no danger to prevent my child from becoming. May he be born full of your blessing and without sin.

Please, Lady, hear my prayer and come to my call as a future mother who finds in you only the answers to this desire, Holy Lady, for there is no vocation more noble and sacred than this.

Hear my prayers, and may my pregnancy be surrounded by your joy. Amen.

Hail Mary! Hail Mary! Hail Mary!

Prayer to Our Lady Conception to obtain a grace

Mary, Immaculate Conception, free from all sins and stains, I implore the divine grace of your holy help.

Immaculate Conception, who governs the kingdom of heaven and watches over the well-being of her children, you are perfect because you are the one who gave birth to Jesus Christ our Lord, hear my request, give me my grace.

I ask you to be purer than anyone else to help me to clarify this discomfort, which oppresses my bosom and not to let me continue on my path to the light.

Help me with your infinite wisdom as the protector of Jesus. Please help me with your incomparable piety to open paths, and may I fulfill my duty. Lady Conceição, you who can do anything, you who can endure everything, bless me.

May your blessed eyes, your holy hands, and your noble heart be directed to me to fill me with your blessings and grant me the favor I ask on this occasion.

(To make the request)

Please don’t leave me now that I need you more. Do not let me cling to the darkness and touch with your omnipotent light, the soul of this servant who takes refuge only in you.

Immaculate Conception, in your lap, protect me from all the evil that abounds around me, protect me under your cloak, the same as you clothed our Lord Jesus!

May you hear my words, may my prayer rise above the clouds for you to grant me this favor.

Hail Mary! Hail Mary!

How to make your request to the Immaculate Conception?

The white candles represent the purity of the soul and nobility, as well as a mother who is purer than all. Therefore, during your prayer, or novena, light a candle so that the Immaculate Conception may hear your prayers.

During the prayers that pregnant women make to become pregnant, it is recommended not only to pray with devotion but also to light a white candle.


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