Prayer to Oshunmare

Do you need positive forces and energies in your favor? Say a strong and powerful prayer to Oshunmare to bring good energy into your life.

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😇 Oshunmare - Orisha of movement
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Oshunmare directs the act, the transformation, and the power that moves. He is exhibited as a male and an orisha female and lives a dual nature. For six months, he is male; during that time, his symbol is the rainbow.

At this stage, his task is to take the water from the waterfall to the sky (the empire of Obatala). In the other six months, he adopts a female form. During this phase, represented by the serpent, it sometimes becomes a beautiful goddess called Bessém.

The two symbols of snake and rainbow represent renewal. With this duality, Oshunmare carries all contradictions, all opposites within her: Day and night, sweet and sour, good and bad, male and female. Like a snake, it bites its tail and thus forms a circle. This circle symbolizes the planet Earth and the movement of all the celestial bodies in the universe.

The orisha Oshunmare has its perfect domain is everywhere accounts are being paid, in purchases, in business, in the bank, in loans, in the help of finances.

Include in your prayer to Oshunmare the words: feelings, love, fortune, money, paths.

Oshunmare day is Tuesday, the date in the year is August 24.

To make your requests together with your prayers with candles or clothes in the colors of the divine father Oshunmare, they must be iridescent, lilac, and sky-blue. His stone is the opal, and his symbol is the snake.

Prayer to Oshunmare to make money

Arrumbobô Oshunmare orisha Father!

Axé agô mi babá, agô axé, salve!

Adored snake of Daomé, Save the lights of the good of the seven colors that reveal you in the sky, Save the water, save the earth, Cobra of Dan, protect me, Divine Lord of Umbanda, from the movements of the stars, the rotation, and translation of everything that was born, which is transformed,

Oshunmare, may I (your name) granddaughter pray that I may come out of the red, you who are, Oroboros and God of the Infinite, I ask in this prayer that my money may multiply and that my sweat may become wealthy, that I may win, without anyone opposing me,

I believe in you with love, Babaê spirit of Umbanda!

I know I’m already winning! Beating the mighty frontier and make money!

Father of love, of good and mighty fortune father Oshunmare!

📃 Author Unknown

Prayer to Oshunmare for good energy

We cry out in this prayer, Oshunmare, My father of love and fortune, your seven Divine lights, colors of the divine, renewing our already tired feelings, exhausted by the struggle of being, to bring us with this prayer, good energies.

Dear Father, send us your spirit and your positive factors so that, flooded with them, we may be instruments of renewal in the life of our fellow man and our life.

Dilute, Father, all the negative characteristics that live within us, all the impurities and vices that we carry in the course of our incarnations, borders, and our path.

Wrap all the suffering spirits that are connected to us at this moment or to karmic cords and wrapped in your pure colors, with their bright colors.

May they be healed, have their pains relieved, and their minds rebalanced from the terrible torments they carry, dilute, my Father and renew in them the positive feelings and search of those born for the love of the Father and the evolution towards the Divine Creator.

Father, we also call upon you to send your renewing forces to hospitals, prisons, orphanages, asylums, and to all who beg for a new or more chance to evolve and who find themselves in darkness because they have turned away from the Divine Creator. May no one overthrow me!

Look after our relatives and friends incarnate or disembodied, may they receive in prayer the blessing of the seven living and Divine lights of the Sacred Rainbow.

And so they can learn to pray to you, pray for the good by asking for lights in your life!

And finally, my Father of Umbanda, enlighten the whole planet, bring more love and more colors to what only darkness sees and free us from negative torments, protect us today and always in our evolutionary journey on the beautiful planet Earth.

Arrobobô Oshunmare of love!

📃 Author Unknown

How to ask Oshunmare for a favor

The main “accessory” associated with Oshunmare is the rainbow snake. When he created the world, he gathered matter and wrapped himself around the earth, rivers and valleys were formed as a result of sliding through it.

This orisha lives under the ocean and carries “the water from the seas to the sky, so that the rain may form – he is the rainbow. Therefore, Oshunmare’s natural space is water, and this essential water cycle is part of the reason. It is the orisha of movement, and the image of a snake biting its tail not only illustrates the cycle but also how the universe is interconnected.

Orisha Oshunmare is historically remembered as an African myth from Zaire or Senegal with the rainbow symbolizing “the fertility of the earth, the secret of the hermit and the infinite (biting its tail).”

Besides, a rainbow in Candomblé serves to transport the water from the earth to the clouds that shelter Shango. The duality of the gender of the orisha is shown with the colors of the rainbow, red being the male and blue the female.


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