Prayer to Oshun

Do you feel you need a motherly love? A little affection and attention. Pray to Mother Oshun, for she can help you in matters of love and money.

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😇 Mother Oshun - Orisha of love
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Mother Oshun, it’s Orisha for true love, mooring, bringing love back, money, getting pregnant.

Ask with words like getting pregnant, fertility, love, body protection, and prosperity.

She is the most beautiful and seductive of all, but she is also vain and jealous. Oshun is the mother of freshwater, Orisha of rivers, waterfalls, and springs in general. She is also the goddess of reproduction, progress, emergency. Thus, every pregnancy is placed under her protection. She is also a shelter for fish and birds. She lives in springs, streams, waterfalls, and rivers.

Mother Oshun rules the strong will and is also the owner of gold; she is present in all places where gold is being worked.

Pray and ask Oshun with yellow and golden candles, her stone is the sapphire, and her symbol is the heart. In addition to making the prayers, you can make an altar with honey, wine, and perfume and should be offered to her.

The lady of sweet waters receives her offerings and prayers on Saturday.

Catholic Saint to which it corresponds – Our Lady of Aparecida or Our Lady of Conception,

Prayer to Oshun to bring back love

Hail Oshun, golden mother of golden skin! Blessed are your waters, and these very waters wash this being and deliver me from evil. Oshun, divine queen, beautiful Orisha, come (person’s name), walking on the full moon.

Bring mother, in your hands, the lilies of love and peace. Make me sweet, seductive, and gentle. Oshun, protect me, Orisha. Make the passion very constant in my life, that I can win my love back.

Lady, beloved queen, sturdy, I know I will always be protected, nothing else will hit me, NOTHING will you have strength against me, for my beautiful Orisha will protect me from sorcery for the rest of my life. We will have Oshun’s protection, heart, and light.

Give me (name), the nectar of his sweetness, my beautiful Orisha, and may I definitively win the love of (name of the guy), make him love me as he has never loved another woman.

May (so-name) want to be with me a lot and always, may (so-name) dream about me passionately, and may he ever wake up thinking about me, so that the love he feels for me may blossom and grow more and more.

May he (so-and-so) assume me definitively as his only love, may he have eyes and desires only for me (name), and may he feel jealous.

May the heart of (so-name) belong to me, (name), only to me and nobody else.

May Mother Oshun bless my relationship with the (so-name) very much and always, going against Mandingoes, pushing us away, hurt, falsehood, negativity, and people who want us badly, who prevent us from being together. Mother of gold, beauty, and love, Lady of the purest Axé,

This heartfelt request is to return to my life (name of the person) in love with me (name), with sincerity and joys loving me eternally, as soon as possible, and to get me out of these wounds of suffering, sadness, and depression.

Protect our union always!

Aiê iê Hail Oshun!

📃 Author Unknown

Prayer to Oshun for mooring

Lady mother of sweet waters, guard me, guide me, and protect me, always in my needs. Deliver me from sorcery with its power.

Slow down, the heart of (name of the so-and-so), so that I may have a little happiness, in your candor, in your gentleness, I am sure, I will be protected, with (name of the so-and-so) trapped in the bonds of this prayer, from the hands of my mother will never come out, under the energies of the sweet waters, no one will be able to undo this request, and so, (name of the so-and-so) will be tied to me.

Tie (name) to me!

Hail Oshun!

📃 Author Unknown

Prayer to Oshun to get pregnant

O merciful Mother Oshun, you who are a mother as I would also like to be, please pray in this prayer, and I beg you to intercede with Father Obatala in favor of my need to strengthen my ovary for fertility so I can get pregnant.

With your power, from this instant, opening the positive chakra, may I thus plant and finally secure my first seed of fertility with love and firm my root.

Give me the grace of fertility!

Axé to your daughter, Mother Oshun!

📃 Author Unknown

Prayer to Oshun for love

Hail Oshun, the golden lady of the skin of gold, blessed are thy waters, thy rivers that wash my being and deliver me from evil. Divine queen, come to me, walking on the full moon, carrying in your hands the lilies of the love of peace.

Oh, Mother Oshun, protect me, make love more constant in my life, and may I worship all the creation of Olorum.

Protect my life from all sorcery. Give me the nectar of your sweetness, and may I obtain all that I desire: the serenity to act in a conscious and balanced way for an open and sweetheart to love.

May I be like his sweet, gentle waters that follow the path of the rivers, cutting stones and precipitating waterfalls, following his way, and like this, I request my prayers that he bring me a person for me to love and he loves me very much.

Purify my soul, thoughts, and body with your tears of encouragement. Flood me with his beauty, his goodness, and his love in my heart, filling my life and paths with prosperity, balance, abundance, and joys.

I ask for your blessings! Hail!

📃 Author Unknown

Prayer to Oshun for money

Oh, Goddess Oshun, I am here (name) to invoke you on behalf of my financial life. From the top of my head to the soles of my feet, to make me involved in a stream of wealth in my life and to earn money.

Pour upon me the gift of wealth that I may see your glory and proclaim your existence wherever I go.

And may the Orisha of money visit me and place in my hands’ fortune so that all I touch may prosper and do with even what was to go wrong may go right!

You are the owner of the gold, Madam, so rise from all waters to make me a blessed one and of many possessions. Manifest in me your greatness and make me win, conquer, and enrich, for you are the Orishas that adds, multiplies, and adds.

By the power of the name of Jesus Christ, I (name) raise my voice to make my request and prophet that from this instant money will come in all directions like avalanches of abundance.

From now on, I want my destiny to be sealed because I am a child of God who created all the riches of the world, and I will become wealthy as I will make my family happy.

Sweet Lady! This is what I ask of you only and definitively from my heart in this prayer, and I determine that it will happen to me (name).

Hail Oshun!

📃 Author Unknown


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