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Orishas Prayers

umbanda religion

Belief in a force of all creation. They are deities that govern various aspects of the world — rulers of nature and the affairs of humanity.

This prayer in your name is to continue to prosper, seeking balance and harmony. Gods of the divine, protectors, givers of peace, fill hearts with joy and love.

Ask for salvation and for your soul to come out of the wheel of successive reincarnation and your mission in life from your birth, whether it has been fully fulfilled so you can rest in eternity.

Each god for a slogan, each slogan for each person that in your prayers, everything is transparent do not hide anything because they are to hear all the pleas you want to tell them.

Fortitude in the day to day drives away the enemies, clears the roads, grants divine justice. It is this type of prayer that you can request from the divine beings Orishas.


🔥 Orishas’ Prayers

I ask for strength in my day to day, improve my work, drive away from my enemies and those who wish me evil repent. Grant me victory and what I long for most. You Ogun who together with Elegua rule the earth and death, grant me the favor I ask this day.

Mother Oshun! Blessed Oshun! Owner of the gold, open my ways and enlighten them before my needs. Fill your children with all calm, fill their hearts with the joy of true love. Protect my home; my family feeds our hearts with peace and forgiveness.

Blessed Ọbatala, you are the light that appears, the mother of the divine and beautiful light. Today I ask you to provide us with health, happiness, and prosperity along the way. Keep our families together; provide us with your unparalleled grace.

God of thunder and lightning, warrior, full of abundant wisdom, My Father Shango. Give me salvation, deliver me from all evil, defend me, and set me apart from so no harm may be done to me.

Please help me in the divine justice, to be the conqueror of my obstacles, grant me salvation, material, and corporal goods. Give me health, peace, and prosperity.


Ask to an Orisha

painting of the orishas

To ask for strength, open the ways, pray sincerely from your heart to your Orisha, that he will intercede for you in the coming adversities illuminating your way before the needs.

Stay in touch with the spiritual world, pray for them, be one part of their prayer.

Offerings of thanksgiving shall be given for the fulfillment of the petitions that your heart desires, joy, and health shall come to you. Every prayer, every request, and every request will be made in its fullness because that is your satisfaction.

Ask for the intercession of all the Orishas in the pantheon so you may obtain their divine grace, their strength, salvation.

Ask for the intercession of Oshun, illuminating your paths, protecting your home.

Ask for the intercession of Ọbatala, so you may have good health and prosperity in yourself and your family.

Ask for the intercession of Shango, that he may give you salvation and free you from anyone who wants to harm you.

Ask for Ogun’s intercession, so he may grant you victory first and foremost and drive away your enemies.