Prayer to open doors

We all feel that we are stuck somewhere in our lives, and we do not have the motivation to follow, so it is good to say a prayer to open doors.

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Whatever doors we want to open, it is always good to put into practice some prayers that will help us find the help we need in our lives.

Be it with a powerful prayer asking for the grace of St. George to open doors with his weapons, sword, and shield, as well as protection and to bring a powerful force and energy to our body against problems and enemies.

Prayer to open financial doors

Lord, you who opened the doors for us to the kingdom of heaven by your crucifixion, you who are the son of God and he who can do anything, today we prostrate ourselves at your feet, we beg your help.

O Glorious Father, you who can see, hear, and feel everything, in your hands, I pray for my financial well-being and for your help to go ahead in health, you who are merciful, help us, Lord. Please help us, St. George, to open doors.

No leaf falls without you knowing. There is no thought that you do not hear, and there is no difficulty. I ask you not to come, so I beg you, Lord, you who have seen me in good and evil, you who know that my intentions are pure and noble.

Blessed be God, that you help me so that my financial ways may be more and more prosperous, with purpose and always respecting what is and right, following your commandments so that each of my acts may be to your liking.

Almighty Father, you who can see, hear, and feel everything, I (we mention our full name) ask for your help in this situation, to open doors, my ways.

Lord, hear our prayers now. Amen!

Prayer to open professional doors

Dear Father, you who have offered me as much as you can to make me happy in this life, you who have filled the way with experiences and always good energies and have not abandoned me at any time since my birth.

You who supported me unconditionally to go forward, today, I implore your help so that once again, you may fill me with understanding and give me the wisdom to make my path of work better every day.

Lord, open my mind and heart, understand everything in my job that is incomprehensible or unexplainable, and may I achieve all the goals as a competent professional that I am, I ask you to give me strength, the necessary knowledge, and the possibility of changes in my closed doors.

May I have as my weapons strength, love, and prayer. May the enemies turn away! May circumstances and possibilities to open paths bring me prosperity and money!

Christ, you who have been my guide throughout my life, I thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for me. I place my soul in your hands, trusting that you will take care of me and lead me in the ways of good so that my life may be full of joy. Amen!

Prayer to open the children's paths

Oh my Lord, I entrust to you, my children, the greatest treasure that you have given me, that your life may be full of successes and blessings. So that in each of your steps, they may fulfill their will, and fill you with joy as I do.

Lord, who gave your only son to free us from our sins, I pray for the good of my children, who are also your children, here I am prostrate at your feet, praying that that gift you once made me may be happy in their life.

Lord, before you, I offer this powerful prayer to open the doors of my children and my heart full of life so that this same heart may serve as an instrument for you to fill my children with love and affection who, though grown-up, will always be my little ones.

You know well that I do not have riches or great possessions, I only have the treasures that you have given me: may I have the wisdom to guide them in the ways of good and someday be able to celebrate their achievements accompanied by your hand.


Prayer to open doors in love

My dear heart of Jesus, my Savior and my Lord, I thank you for how much you have given and helped me throughout my life, with great humility I beg for your wisdom and understanding and pray for your heart to receive and warm me.

Once again, I pray to St. George to open paths, my father and I beg for help, as the patron saint of conquests, that you help me to enter the mind, heart, and soul of (we say our lover’s name), so that he loves me and thinks only of me.

I pray Saint George to open doors for me (we say our name) at this moment together with the powerful goddess of love, so that, in a very, subtle and gentle way, make (we say our lover’s name) become very and madly in love with me.

I always pray and cry out to your infinite power for this love that I am losing to come back to me (we say our name), for you to drive away whoever wants to separate us or hinder our path so that only with me, find love and happiness.


Prayer to open doors in every way

Oh, Saint George, I pray to you at this hour and at this moment to intercede for me before God our Lord, so that everything may flow naturally in our lives.

Oh! Saint George of the Ways, at this hour and now I want to express to you all my gratitude and devotion, you who have been good and kind, forgive us for all our sins and offenses, and we ask you to make us better in every way.

You who know my faith and devotion, fill my path with good luck, prosperity, and health, to avoid any frustration, inconvenience, problems, or obstacles present in my way.


Prayer to Saint George to open doors

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit!

O Glorious Saint George, my Holy Warrior and Protector, invincible in faith in God, who sacrificed himself for him, bring in your faces the hope to open my ways. With your breastplate, your sword and your shield, which represent faith, hope, protection, love, and charity.

I will walk clothed, lest my enemies are having feet reach me, having hands contact me, having eyes see me and thoughts to do me harm. Firearms to my body will not reach, knives and spears will break without my body reaching. Strings and chains will break without my body touching.

O Glorious St. George, noble knight of the red cross, you who with your lance have defeated the dragon of evil, also overcome all the problems I am going through, give me hope.

O Glorious St. George, in the name of God and our Lord Jesus Christ, extend to me your shield and your mighty sword, defending me significantly with your strength and greatness from my carnal and spiritual enemies.

O Glorious St. George, help me to overcome all discouragement and fear and to achieve the grace that I now ask of you (Make your request)

Oh! Glorious Saint George, at this tough time of my life, I beg you that my request may be granted and that with your sword, your strength, and your defense power to protect my body from my enemies, I may cut off all the evil that stands in my way.

Oh! Glorious Saint George always give me courage, strength, love, and hope, strengthen my faith, my spirit of life, and help me in my request.

Oh! Glorious Saint George brings peace, love, and harmony to my heart, to my home in my life, and everyone around me.

Oh! Glorious St. George, always by the faith I place in you, guide me, defend me, and protect me from all evil.

Amen Glorious Saint George.

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