Night Prayer

It's good to say a bedtime prayer to get a night of complete and refreshing sleep. Resting helps us to get rid of what worried us during the day!

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We may be confronted with various situations that make us reflect on our life purpose. The different teachings and also the situations that arise, whether good or bad, are always learned and experienced.

Most of the time, we are left with nerves on edge, with the sadness of responsibilities, and all we want in the nights is to rest and sleep in the silence and comfort of our home.

It is essential to give thanks by saying a night prayer or a strong and powerful prayer to the Lord for all the blessings that were granted. As well as asking for mercy, on the spiritual plane, so your brain can sleep peacefully.

Lord, tomorrow is a new day! Thank you!

Prayer before sleep

My Father, dear Jesus, who guards the dream, see, protect, and watch over me from all the presences of evil.

Dear Lord Christ, allow me to make this strong prayer of the night to have a conciliatory and comforting sleep. Have mercy on my brother and me!

I am eternally grateful, Lord, my father, for allowing me to reach the end of this day and to sleep with your blessings and your care.

I thank you for letting my family stay with me. And I also ask you to allow them to pray the evening prayer before going to bed and sleep in peace.

I am grateful, Lord, to come to the end of this day with new learning and experiences for tomorrow.

Allow me to wake up again tomorrow to continue understanding the mission!

Lord, my God, free us from the tensions and negative energies we have acquired throughout the day.

Let the homeless find a place to sleep and help them find comfort and forgiveness in your presence.

Lord help the dying, my brother to heal his soul and remedy his pain, let friends and enemies find peace tonight through rest. Touch his hands and teach him to pray for Jesus and thus have mercy and spirituality.

I ask you tonight to help me clarify my ideas and allow me to see and think to face the problems and solve them and so I will rest.

Do not forsake dear Lord, those who need it most. My faith is focused on you! God, your presence gives me strength, as I am your son!

Amen! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Prayer for a good night

Now that the lights are out, the voices are silent. The people are going to rest. I rise to you, my God, to tell you that I believe in your presence, I believe in Jesus and Mother Mary!

I always believe in his strength and his wisdom. In you, I find inner peace and tranquility. Thanks to his blessings and message, I was able to conclude another day of life and new knowledge, both for myself and the family.

I come to my Father to ask him whether my feelings have dominated me today. Selfishness has corrupted me, and envy has crossed my mind. If I have let the evil one into my thoughts and my tongue, so I ask you to forgive me, forgive me, for all my offenses.

I ask divine spirit, as an angel, to allow me tonight to find calm in my soul, in my home, and to leave my body and see with your eyes the rest of the exhausting day of responsibilities. Pour your love and forgiveness over my brother’s heart.

Christ helps the needy and does not let the wicked take care of those who are innocent.

I entrust to you confidently this moment of my sleep, and I leave my soul in your protective hands during my rest.

Allow me when I wake up in the morning to see your message and continue to do your will, I place my soul and spirituality in the destiny of the good night, my Lord.

Amen! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Prayer for sleep and healing

Today I have concluded another day full of adventures and new things thanks to your grace, my Lord. Before going to sleep, God, I thanked you for having placed in me your blessings and allowed me to reach the end of another glorious day.

If I have offended your will today, my father, forgive me if the evil one has taken hold of my thoughts and my tongue.

Forgive me for my offenses.

Let me this night rejoice in your heavenly grace and let my body and mind fall asleep.

Let my being fly towards the tranquility and balance that a peaceful dream offers, freeing me as your brother from the stress and tiredness we have carried.

Tonight, I ask my guardian angel for help with a reflection to obtain clarity to continue to fulfill your will. I ask you to clarify my ideas and allow me to act on your behalf.

In your hands, I recommend my sleep, my God. I thank you! Thank you, thank you!


Night prayer to God

Today Lord, I have to thank you for your piety and say the evening prayer.

I know you are present every day in my life, and I am eternally grateful that you do not leave me alone in my moments of weakness. Thank you!

I thank you for helping me to find your strength and hope in my being and today to move forward.

Tonight, I ask you to continue to send for your son, your grace and mercy, to me, my loved ones, and the innocent who are vulnerable, do not remain silent.

See our rest and sleep from the forces of evil and dream of your desires. Send your message, my Lord.

Your grace and mercy help us to be like better people. Thank you for the good night.

Thank you for being all pious and merciful; there is nothing more significant in this world than your grace and presence, and in your father’s name, I will rest with your protection.

Amen Jesus! Bless me, my mother. Thank you, thank you!

Tips for praying at night

The fact of saying a beautiful, powerful evening prayer offers the possibility of communicating with the father, with God, making his concerns come to him. Beyond the moment of prayer, it is important to show gratitude for His love. And of course, have a good night!

These night prayers have great spirituality. So it would help if you did it in a moment of peace and the comfort of your space, with faith in your present spiritual angel and love of God.

This moment of praying in silence with your heart develops your spirituality and gives much protection.

Pray your night prayer to God with spiritual love, tranquility, and discernment of mind and spirit.

Before your evening prayer, say: I do this for myself, for the protection of my relatives. For my brother, my son, my father, my mother, my sister, my friends, I will rest, and I will have a very healthy and spiritual moment tomorrow.

If you are nervous before your night prayer, think about this day. How good it was, and tomorrow you will be more healthy because you will have more protection and love. When thanking Jesus from the heart during the prayer, it makes me have more understanding and calm.

My thanks, my thanks, and protection, my brother, for reading before bed! Don’t forget to say your prayer or prayers! Today, tomorrow and good night!


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