Prayer to Nana Buluku

Summon the powers of the mighty Nana Buluku with these strong prayers to open their paths and ask for calm in the worst moments.

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😇 Nana Buluku - Orisha of rain and swamp
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To say the prayer to Nana Buluku, do it in a quiet place. Feel the prayers deep within your heart.

Use words such as to ask for spiritual protection, ask for comfort for a pleasant passage; ask for food for faith; ask for preservation of love; discernment to make the right choice.

Nana Buluku is connected with the earth, especially with clay. Clay is the primordial material from which men were created and molded, but also the content, which must be returned to earth after the end of human life.

Through this combination, Nana is associated with both the beginning and the end. It is a mother as well as death at the same time, in a cycle where life is made possible by death. She is the guardian of the gate between life and death, and she guards the transition to after death. She is the power of nature that man fears the most.

Seek your prayers to Nana Buluku below and do it with a light pink candle, and if you want, you can use the tourmaline stone.

Prayer to Nana Buluku for protection

Oh! My mother, Nana, I ask for the blessing and protection for all my steps.

To my holy Nana, protector, I ask you to bless my heart, head, body, and spirit.

May the powers are given only to the Lady of the Ladies be more charitable and benevolent, as they hide me from my hidden and powerful enemies.

My dear Mother and Lady, pity my heart, to always deserve love in my choices and ways.

To my mother, Orisha Nana, I devote my faith and my words.

Saluba Nana!
Saluba Nana!
Saluba Nana!

📃 Author Unknown

Prayer to Nana for discernment and calm

Oh! My mother orisha Nana from the springs. Lady Orisha of the renewal of life and calm.

Lady Mother of all creation. Orisha of the still waters. Mother of spiritual and intellectual wisdom!

Give me, Holy Lady Nana, the necessary calm to wait patiently for the right moment to make decisions. May your light neutralize all the negative forces around me!

My mother, Nana, give me serenity and knowledge. Make me a blessed son on the paths of peace, love, and prosperity. Please guide me in the opposite direction of the storm, take care when I need my helplessness.

God save Nana Buluku! Mother Orisha!

📃 Author Unknown

Prayer to Nana for love

Blessed and praised be the holy name of our true orisha mother, Nana Buluku. In the four corners of life or the four corners of death, I will be asking Nana to free me and the (name of the beloved) from spells and Mandingoes that may have come to separate us.

The love for (say the name of the beloved person) has entered mine. I beg you for compassion that my body and that of (the name of the beloved person) always be closed against all envy, evil and witchcraft!

Saluba Nana Buluku!

📃 Author Unknown

Prayer to Nana for a pleasant passage

May, the wisdom of Orisha Nana, mother, give me at the moment of passing, a right perspective on life, showing me that every new existence I will have, whether here or in other words, gives me knowledge, wisdom, calm and discernment to achieve evolution.

Saluba, Nana!
Saluba, Nana!
Saluba, Nana!

📃 Author Unknown


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