Morning Prayer

Do you want to start the day on the right foot, be blessed, and have good energy? Say a powerful morning prayer to make your day great!

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To start a new day on the right foot, we must be grateful for the unique opportunity we have been given. Waking up one more day to enjoy the protection of the wonders and blessings that life gives us, and what better than doing it with a powerful morning prayer?

Family, health, work, or just waking up and enjoying the lights and scent of the morning is reason enough to be thankful that we can live another day of experiences that we are about to discover just as religion teaches us. Therefore, the best way to be grateful for a new day and to hope for the best of it is with the reading of morning prayer.

This helps us to calm and harmonize our souls. To start a day with best wishes and hope for blessings that come with knowledge and new positive things for our life and that of our loved ones.

Morning prayer to start the day right

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for letting me wake up!

For allowing me to live to this moment, and for all the blessings you have given me.

Lord, at the beginning of this dull day, I want to ask you for peace, health, strength, and happiness,

Please help me to be more understanding, patient, and virtuous in my actions towards others.

Help me to see beyond appearances, let me see the light in all your children with the eyes with which you see them,

Let me be able to see the good and kindness in oneโ€™s home in this world.

Protect my ears and thoughts from all the evil thinking and slander you may hear.

Please help me in my moments of vulnerability, and do not let evil take hold of my tongue.

Fill my soul and my essence with blessings, and let all the people who come to me perceive the goodness within me and feel its ever strong presence in my soul and my being.

Give me your greatest blessing and let me live another day, my Lord.

Blessed and powerful words and prayers!


Morning prayer for every day

I thank you, my lord, for allowing me to wake up one more day.

For caring for my dreams at night and doing evil away from them!

Thank you for offering me another awakening, with new emotions in my days, blessings, and learning.

I dedicate my first words to you for your existence, my Lord, and for the grace you have given to your children.

Today, Lord, I come to dedicate my first moments of the morning to praise Your name and to continue to do Your will with morning prayer!

I apologize if my actions have been against your will and have hurt people unjustly.

I ask You to guide me today with Your wisdom, to guide the use of my hands, my thoughts and my tongue, so that they are not tempted by the evil one.

Allow me to convey your love for others and your desires for your children.

Help me start full of your grace and as an instrument of your voice, love, and peace towards others.

May your good deeds, my Lord, be transmitted through my hands and my conduct.

Do not let evil take hold of them and give my actions and gestures serve as praise and glory for your name.


Prayer in the mornin with God

I am grateful to you, my God, for allowing my body to seek my well-being and rest through sleep.

Thank you for the restful and restful sleep that allowed me to wake up and start with a positive attitude.

This morning I want to praise your presence and your name and ask you to offer your grace and blessings every minute of my day.

Help me God, to hear your voice and see with your eyes and my ears and remember that my life is beautiful and that you, my God, gave it to me to be happy and help others.

On this new day, I ask you to take care of my well-being and that of my loved ones.

Let me begin to enjoy more knowledge and handle my hands and my thoughts to fulfill your will, Lord.

In you, I trust, my Father, and in your hands, I let you build my sound course today.

Let my actions reflect Your Glance, Love, Peace, and Wisdom.

My God! Let this morning begin with good thoughts! Let me express kind words and do my activities with the best intentions.

I thank You, my Lord, for the rest of my body and mind during the night, and this day I surrender myself into Your hands.


Breaking the light of day

Blessed be the light of day,
blessed is he who creates everything,
blessed be the holy fruit
of the ever purest Virgin Mary.


๐Ÿ“ƒ Author Unknown

Tips for praying in the morning

Morning prayers serve to show gratitude and ask for a new day on this earth after a nightโ€™s sleep. Also, they bring many benefits to your day.

Sit comfortably imagining a golden light over you and those you want to protect and pray for.

Be careful when praying, for you must say the morning prayer with love, calm, strength, and without haste for protection, in life, and at work. It is sturdy, it is your voice, your look in the world at Jesus.

Do your morning prayer every day, with pure feelings, and thank honesty for all that was given to you.

It will make you feel a strong spiritual cleansing.

May God be in you!

Good prayer! Good morning!


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