Midday Prayer

Continue your day by saying a prayer at noon. Here you will find an extraordinary one to ask for God's protection for you and yours.

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Noon prayers

The Bible makes several mentions about the time of noon. However, some passages are quite significant and deserve reflection from spirituality.

At this time, which should be lunchtime, and after lunch, the tiredness and the will to sleep beat, and it is precisely at this time that we should be aware of stopping, reflecting, looking for a silent place.

And, at this moment, to get in touch with our inner God to continue the day and to exchange our energy, but unfortunately, the rush of daily life makes the human being forget to connect.

Just like you, all human beings are unique, so let’s not get tired of the same things, much less at the same time.

For these situations, you have the midday prayer for reconciliation. Whenever you feel very apathetic and exhausted, you can recite it.

Midday Prayer Catholic

Lord Jesus Christ, I now contact you, my saint, to fill me with the light of your love, and positive energy to continue my daily activity and functions.

May the blessings coming from the requests in my prayers give me the strength to continue until the end of this day.

Strengthen my faith in life, my angel, may the mercy of Mary, mistress, and beloved mother of her child, make my motivation and willingness to serve and work unwavering.

In this midday prayer, Father, I give myself to healing so that my mood, virtues, and happiness may be strengthened.

Help me at all times, the Holy Spirit, in the journey to the meeting at the end of this day.

Hail Mary! Amen!

Midday prayer for energy

Dear God, you know that I have always dedicated myself body and soul to my family so that everything at home can go as smoothly as possible. However, it is not still easy to keep the best spirit and energy in front of so many things to do.

That is why I turn to you, beloved Almighty Father, to give me the power and strength I need to face every one of my daily challenges and to be with my loved ones when they have to meet each other’s history and ways.

Just as I have always asked you to take care of them from all evil when I am not around, so I ask you, Lord, to bring your blessings and energies down upon them.

Only in you do I trust, and I know that you will give me of all the saints, the help, the strength, the faith, and the miracles necessary so that it does not happen again.


When will I say this prayer?

When you are tired or in a bad mood, you can say this prayer.

It’s a good idea to make it a routine and pray every day at noon, especially when you’re fatigued. However, anyone can adapt to your specific needs.

It’s just a matter of assessing what aspects of the family and yourself you want to strengthen and ready.


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