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Love Prayers

We all need love because the world would be a cruel, cold, dark, and colorless world. God left us his teachings, to love our neighbor as yourself.

Without the love that God taught us could not have the kindness to other people, but there is a love beyond, love for the sentimental that we all seek, find your other counterpart, your soul mate, you half orange, your other half.

Even for this kind of subject, although it may seem strange, there are prayers and patron saints that help you find real and true love, even for every sentimental circumstance you are going through at this time.


πŸ’ Prayers to get a boyfriend

O Almighty Saint Anthony of Padua, you are an example of mercy, and your piety is divine. You who are full of love and kindness.

I know that you listen to me and you will help me in my prayers, I acclaim you today, I need your divine help, intercede for me I beg you. Your piety is infinite to all who seek happiness.

Take pity on my faults and grant me God’s mercy, so I may forgive all my errors, fulfill my desire to find love, my soulmate, my other, the complement to my life.

Saint Anthony, oh pious, the consolation of the afflicted, I implore your help and be my guide.


πŸ’ž Prayers for the return of love

Saint Anthony of Padua, mighty and powerful, bless you. The grantor of the love of the lovers, I come to your aid with a request that alleviates my afflicted heart.

You capable of gathering the souls destined to be together, make my beloved being find his way back to this longing heart. It purifies our hearts and removes all sparks of pride, rage, reproaches, and anguish, reasons for our remoteness.

Saint of Saints, noble of action and word, in your gigantic understanding, let my prayers be heard and grant me what I desire so much. In the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, Redeemer, and Savior.


πŸ’” Prayers for lovelessness

I place myself in your presence, God, I ask forgiveness for all my sins. Merciful Father, heal me of every wound that my broken heart, my soul, my being, every emotional injury suffers.

Beloved God, I am weak, and I make mistakes, but I know that you will be with me at all times, and you will not abandon me. My soul feels afflicted and crushed, O heavenly Father. You who are kind and merciful, bless me and fill me with grace to serve You, Lord.

You’re my guide; I entrust myself to you. Help me, comfort me, comfort this sheep of your flock, you are my refuge, my savior, King of Kings, a breath of life, I owe everything to you, Lord. Amen.

Other prayers for love

For love, Saint, there is only one

There are saints of saints but none who help you so much in love as St. Anthony of Padua, patron saint of lovers and bestower of their passion.

These prayers are for the grace of God and St. Anthony who will hear your prayers to find true love or to alleviate your heart afflicted by unlove.

For each person, there is a person especially reserved; only God knows his destiny and the indicated moment in which the two souls must meet.

Quote every word of these prayers with faith; your prayers will be heard by the merciful Divine of our Lord, God.