Prayer to keep out enemies

Know the mighty and strong prayer to drive any enemy away definitively now and for good from his path, relationship, or work forever.

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In the course of your life, we have inevitably acquired some enemies, complainers, jealous at our side. Whether at work, in the family, love, or friendly relations. However, it is also possible that you have gained some enmity along the way, often without even knowing that someone has hurt or offended someone.

We may have tried to resolve the conflict between the two. However, with the prayer to keep enemies apart, you will surely have a much quicker solution. Notice and feel that the discomfort on the part of those who have offended us is more reliable than we think?

There are many ways! But how about making some spells with a prayer to destroy enemies for good. They are powerful to drive anyone away from their ideas.

Also, know that Our Lady of Banishment and Saint Cyprian can help you to stop your enemies.

Prayer to keep enemies away immediately

Almighty Father, I turn to you now to thank you for the kindness you have offered me throughout my life, thank you for giving me a united family. A loving partner, connected to me, as for allowing me to savor on this day, my miracle, which is the gift of my great life.

Today, at this moment, dear Father, I come in this prayer to cast out enemies, for an urgent request, you must already know how difficult these last days have become. Hence, I ask you to cast out my enemy or my enemy. Especially this person (name it) who does not like me and only wants to see me suffer. I ask you in prayer to take this person away from my life.

I pray that he will always take care of me, and to remove any evil that exists around me, or that he feels that could harm me.

I ask him never to abandon me, and when I am close to this person (say) that he does not even perceive my presence, I ask him to redirect the negative energy that he sends me to another place. I make this powerful prayer, too, to heal his heart.

Lord, I very much desire that you cover me with your holy mantle of love and offer your protection to every member of my family forever.

I hope that you heed my requests! Keep busy this guy who torments and harms me.

He brings unhappiness. Creates insecurity in me, discord in my ways, jealousy and envy, and that any of his evil plans have not worked and are not fulfilled.


Notable changes after the prayer to push away your enemies

It is essential to keep in mind in this prayer that when a person who relates to you and acts with bad intentions.

You can try to modify it according to the situation and help solve the problem you want God to answer.

Many people spend their lives wishing evil to others. Maybe it’s because they can’t overcome their problems or don’t have much faith. In the end, they are people without something like happiness, love, that holds them back at times when the only prayer can do it. Therefore, they adopt an attitude of bad intentions and mistreatment, even with their friends. Even with people with whom they have shared moments of their lives.

Perhaps you feel you are having a hard time today. It may be because of the actions of your enemies. If you think you don’t deserve all this damage, ask God in your prayers for more strength and love that you need to get on your way. You will feel more relieved, and you will regain your quality of life. In the meantime, you can also access the high power of the Orishas, especially Shango and Oxum.

Say the intense prayer to ward off enemies, and you will see the changes in both your relationship and your work.


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