Prayer to keep away a lover

With God's love, you will be able to bring your marriage back to the Lord's path by praying to drive away your husband's lover forever.

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A stable family nucleus should always include the man, the woman, and the children of both, who will grow up in an environment of love, understanding, and respect under God’s teachings.

That is why, when a woman with evil intentions, driven by sin, meddles in the life of a family leading treason and infidelity to the man’s mind, all the methods and powers that God puts at our disposal to drive away the rival must be used.

There is no more powerful force than effective communication with the Lord, so the prayers on this site to call for change and to remove unscrupulous people from family life are a reliable and robust option to maintain family stability.

Faith is the key to keeping your husband’s lust and sin away. Have no fear. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Go with God’s love. You will be able to bring your marriage back to the Lord’s path by praying the good prayer to put away his lover.

Prayer to keep away the husband's lover forever

Christ, I turn now to your spiritual and healing power because sin wants to take over my home. I believe in you, in your control, in your love, and I know that with you, I can keep my home free from evil.

Do not let the forces of evil cloud my husband’s mind, who is confused by the negative energies of the people and enemies around him.

Drive away from him, every woman who, guided by sin, wants to take advantage of her noble heart. Involve him with your energy and ask that you protect him from any kind that wants to lead him into sin.

Take your word to this lady and turn her mind showing her the correct path to forgetting my husband under her cloak. Keep her now, away from sin, from lust, from self-centeredness. I will pray that you will allow the healing of part of her soul.

Lord, You are the One who made my family remain united under the teachings of love which Your Word preaches, and with Your help to our souls, for which I shall be eternally grateful to You.

May love reign among us, may our faith remain strong. Protect us from evil spirits, from envy, from the enemy, and deception.

I am grateful, Almighty God, for all the love you have given me. Please take care of me and my husband (so-and-so), for you are the master who guides our home.


Prayer to St. Cyprian to take lover away from boyfriend or husband

I say this prayer to keep rival (name) of my husband (name) and that he no longer wants to see her, nor speak to (her), that he is upset, disgusted with (her) mistress, bored, angry and sorry for having been with her.

Dear and powerful Saint Cyprian, a stalwart of the powerful, make him no longer want to see her, nor think of her and know that she is no good for him.

And may she (name) also no longer wish to talk to my husband, on this day, from today, and that when she is beside him, feel very bad. That she is distressed, without attraction and charm, wishing to leave the relationship with him, and that they lose contact and enchantment so that neither of them ever hear from each other.

May their paths be forever separated by the forces of their husband’s prayer to Saint Cyprian!

Oh, dear Saint Cyprian, intercede for me with our Lord Jesus, I trust in your power in the harmony of the relationship, I need the authority and word of God, and I am sure that my request for my spouse and the reason for this fear, will be answered.

Thank you for helping me to remove this person, this rival immediately and definitely, in this terrible moment of my life when I am suffering.


Tips to drive away lovers

Effective communication with God through prayer represents an act of love, respect, and faith towards our Lord. So He will know that you turn to an open heart and desperate for help and love, but that you trust Him and know that under His grace and guidance, everything will go well in our lives.

Strong prayers are fundamental in keeping someone’s sin from his home. Remember that these days your husband’s mind is clouded by lust, and he needs your help to find and want the best way back to Christ. His strength, bravery, and courage, led by the hand of the Father, will be protected in his home by the Holy Spirit.


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