Prayer to Invoke God

God never abandons his children, especially in difficult times, so we must invoke his presence, give thanks and ask him not to leave our side.

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Human beings who believe in Almighty God at some point in our lives have felt a little disoriented or confused, and this prayer to invoke God will make him listen to you.

Even with the awareness that we are sinners, but with the faith and conviction that God, with His great mercy, can hear us and forgive us.

When we want or need to call upon God, we should not do it with a simple prayer, nor should we be afraid, we should do it with profound words, where we put our faith and our hopes only in Him.

In invoking the Lord, we must recognize that we are weak and that life often presents us with situations full of confusion. We feel limited, anguished, desperate, in a dead-end labyrinth.

When we cry out to our beloved father, through prayer to invoke God, we are recognizing that we are going through a bad situation, that we are desolate, and that we need his presence in our lives to follow our path of truth.

Prayer to invoke God

My God! Heavenly Father, in this moment of anguish and desolation, I come to you to beg you not to leave my side.

You know the fear of my situation, you are the only one who can help me to get out of this moment that disturbs my life, safe and sound, so I trust in your divine mercy, in this request.

Bless my family, Lord, keep them under your protective cloak, do not let them fall into temptation and remove all danger from me.

Dear Father, today I need your gifts very much, listen to my prayers and bless me with your strength so that I can face what life has in store for me because, without your help, I will not be able to get rid of problems and confusion.

I, your son, invoke you on this day, Lord, and I thank you because I know you are present, I give you my heart so that you may fill it with your divine presence.

I ask that in this encounter of adoration, I may deepen my relationship with you and be obedient to your word.

Lord, all that I am and owe to you, I call upon you to nourish me with your love and your wisdom.

In your hands, I place my new life and that of my dear ones, give us the blessing of your beloved father, so that we may be renewed as transformed according to your divine will.

I ask this in the name of the word of our Lord Jesus Christ and the name of the Holy Spirit.



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