Prayer for immediate causes

Let's have a prayer of immediate causes! Choose between praying to alleviate despair and anguish, the intercession of St. Rita, or being attended to.

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By choosing a prayer from the immediate causes, we see that there are several saints whom we can pray and ask for help.

As we know, for God, nothing is impossible, we must turn to Him, in the prayer of the immediate causes, whenever we are in a desperate situation, where there is no way out.

You can ask for the intercession of many saints, such as St. Jude Thaddeus, to achieve an urgent, necessary, or difficult grace. We have to pray with much perseverance and have much faith.

There are many prayers, saints, and novenas that we can pray for help when there is a need. Get to know some of these prayers in the article.

In times of crisis, people often resort to praying for immediate causes. There are many graces achieved by people all over the world.

Prayer for immediate causes to alleviate despair and distress

If you are in some desperate situation, say this prayer. Despair makes our soul-sick, and there are situations that only a good prayer can solve.

Ah! You, my saint, whom no one has ever invoked in vain!

You, whose power with God is so high that it is said: β€œIn heaven (the name of the saint) commands, does not supplicate!” I pray and need your help with my problems. Intercede for me with Jesus.

Be my advocate with this divine Son, of whom you were earthly and faithful protector.

Add to all your glories that of winning the desperate cause that I entrust to you… (quote what you desire).

I believe, yes, I think that you can help my vows, make me free of the sorrows that I have suffered, and of the bitterness that my soul hurts.

I have, moreover, more confidence that you will not fail to do anything in favor of the afflicted one who begs you.

Humbly prostrate at your feet I pray you. Have mercy on my supplications, and on my tears, cover me with your kindness and bless me.

Jesus Christ, protect me with your love and, with this prayer, open my eyes to the solutions of my tendencies, open my paths to profession, money, health, and love.

So be it, amen!

Prayer for immediate causes to ask for the intercession of Saint Rita of Cascia

Saint Rita of Cascia brings us relief in urgent situations. In this prayer, we ask for help in the last hour because at the hour of death. Many people cannot see salvation because of their sins.

Oh! Powerful and glorious Saint Rita of impossible causes, an advocate of hopeless cases, helper of the last hour, retreat and shelter from the suffering that leads to the abyss of sin and hopelessness, with all confidence in your power at the Sacred Heart of Jesus, I turn to you in the unforeseen and challenging situation, which painfully oppresses my heart.

(Making request)

Please tell me what I need to do to achieve the grace that I desire, because, being my permanent solution to this request, I want it.

My prayer, my request, which God so loves you, will undoubtedly be answered by you, God the King.

Tell Our Lord that I will use this grace to improve my life and to sing the Divine Mercy on Earth and in Heaven.

Saint Rita of impossible causes, intercede for us!


Ask also Saint Expedite for an urgent cause

In the same way as St. Rita of Cascia, with prayer, St. Expedite, you can also be served in urgent causes. Saint Expedite was a military man who persecuted Christians.

But it was in his performance in the Roman army that he converted to Christianity and defeated the evil one immediately, so he became one of the saints of the urgent causes.

After his martyrdom, for not having denied Christ, his fame spread all over the world. Today we turn to Saint Expedite, when we need the solution for an urgent cause, the students can also ask for protection. After all, Saint Expedite is the protector of the students.


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