Holy Death Prayer

If you need help in love or with money, invoke the powerful Saint Death right now with a prayer to help you solve your problems today.

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Those who pray to Holy Death often turn to it for help and protection in matters related to love.

To make a powerful prayer to Holy Death, one must have absolute faith in its powers. Also, it is advisable to choose a quiet and peaceful place where the highest concentration can be achieved to connect with it.

Holy Death can help you to fulfill all your wishes.


Prayer to Holy Death to dominate a man

Holy Death, my spirit comes to you with complete sincerity. I keep faith in your power and you. I want to ask a great favor to dominate (person’s name).

I do not try any evil action that harms others. I only want him to be in my hands because only he can grant me this.

I understand that this request is reliable, but I will be grateful that you listen to my supplications. I know your goodness, and I know you will never judge my actions.

I am sure I will receive your help. That is why I promise (make your promise) as gratitude to your goodwill and my hope.

Thanks, Holy Death, because I know that my prayer will come to you. Because you have shown me that by trusting, I can accomplish great things.

With you, everything can be put in its place, and so I will know that you will help me to dominate the man I desire.


Prayer to Holy Death to despair the beloved one

Dear Holiness, love has knocked on my door, but it has been capricious with me, leaving me inconsolable. It fills me with pain and sadness to know that I don’t know how to resolve this situation.

I beg you before you, to listen to my request, and to feel like my whole being palpitating when talking to you.

This being, I love has become an almost impossible love. I therefore very much hope that you will grant me a miracle and the way to be able to have this person at my side.

I wish (name of the person) that it be mine (indicate the relationship you want) and that the joy of my love is mutual.

I will pray to you and God whenever necessary for fulfilling my request.

I will show my loyalty to you by offering for his grace (indicate what you will provide) for (so long).

I trust and have faith that your power can despair a loved one.


Prayer to Holy Death to bind love

Holy death, I stand before you, with tears in my eyes, for the person I love. Help me in love and offer me protection so that I can show my faith and devotion.

I place a candle in the heart of your altar. At the same time, I beg you to help me with my needs and problems.

I ask from my heart for this enormous support in love and respect for my soul.

I ask you to find the (name of the loved one) and enter into his heart, mind, and soul. I ask you to conquer and master his heart to bring it to me.

My soul is desperate and needs your help to be calm. I know you will help me.


Prayer to Holy Death for him to think of me

Holy Death, I pray this prayer to ask you (name of the person) to call or come to me.

Sacred in my heart, this person is of great importance, so I want him/her to be part of my life.

Beloved Mother, I beg you to remember me and do not forget me. May I be in his thoughts all the time!

I know that after praying for her to think of me (name), she will look for me and ask to find him, thus allowing this wish to come true.

I have faith that will help me achieve this through your strength and the goodness that you have with all your children.


Prayer to Holy Death for love

Holy Death, I promise to do whatever it takes to have (name) in love with me and away from anyone else.

Help me to fulfill this intense desire; I promise I will take care of it. Make him kneel before me, that he wants no one else. Bring (his name) to stay with me forever.

I will be grateful as I fulfill my prayers, I will praise you with the highest respect and great admiration for each of the blessings granted by you, Queen.

If you help me, I will always be faithful to you because, with you, everything is accomplished.

I ask you to help me to remain in love (give the name).


Prayer to Holy Death for him to call me

Oh! Holy Death, I ask your intervention to call me (name of the person) at this very moment. Do not let him concentrate; do not let him resist talking to me.

Eliminate everything that prevents him from calling me and drive away anyone who stands in his way by approaching me.

Divinity, hear my prayers, and make (name of the person) come to me. Don’t let anyone distract him, guide him on my path, if you want to ask me for help, please, I need to be the one who captures all your attention.

Holy Death, thank you for answering these prayers that I do with deep faith.


Prayer to Holy Death to drive away a person

Holy Death, I come to you with the faith of my whole being seeking your divine consolation in the troubled situation in which I find myself.

May your mighty sickle be in charge of clearing the way and offering me the success and serenity I need!

(Make your requests)

I know you’ll drive away anyone who wishes to harm me.

I will always keep my faith in you because you are the most powerful in the universe, and because only you can achieve the most complicated things.

Mighty Holy Death, help me, protect me, welcome me, and grant my wishes.

I need to feel protected from the evil of some people in the world.


Prayer to Holy Death to bring love back

Holy Death, a sincere friend of people who suffer for passion. Today I kneel before you because I need help so that my misfortunes of love can be solved.

I seek relief because the situation I am going through is harrowing for me.

Receive my words with pity so that you can see my suffering heart. I ask you to give me strength because I feel worn out by the absence of (person’s name).

I know that you listen to me and that my sincere prayers from the soul come to you, so I know that you will be able to help me.

I promise you (make whatever promise you want) that I will fulfill you without establishing any doubt.

In your hands, I will leave all my relationship problems, all the feelings that afflict me, I fully trust in your goodness, miracles, and powers.

May it be so for your holy power, for all that you have accomplished throughout the world.

Listen to me and help me; I trust and have faith in you.


Prayer to Holy Death to separate two people

Oh! Holy Death, I come to you to beg for your help. I’m disappointed in the world.

I gave my best years to the man I love, who decided to separate from me to go with another woman.

Punish that woman who does so much damage and wants to destroy my marriage, drive away (partner’s name), and make him come back to me.

Holy Death, make (partner’s name) start to implicate and distrust that woman (name). Let him realize that he is being used and that she just wants his money.

Please separate my beloved from anything that takes him away from me. May my cry turn to pain and sorrow for her!

Make use of your powers to eliminate this woman and bring (partner’s name) to me right now. Bring him submissively, forgetting (name), and bowing before me, asking forgiveness.

May the (partner’s name) not be able to resist my charms. May I alone fill his thoughts, may he beg to be loved by me, and so we shall be happy again.

Please do not leave me alone, Holy Mother.


Prayer to Holy Death for difficult cases

Holy Death, I come before you praying that you support my burdens and help me rest. Take this weight elsewhere and free me from the conflicts that hurt me.

I want to ask you a favor (support you need).

Please help me by eliminating this problem(talk) and free me. I have not spent a day of tranquility since this happened, I ask with heart and soul.

This has consumed all my energy, so I ask you (repeat what you need), taking it out of my life.

I also ask you to protect all those I love so that they are always well, and nothing happens to them because it would destroy my soul.

I promise to be faithful to you. Because you have always fulfilled all my wishes, and no one else can please me or answer my prayers.


Prayer to Holy Death against danger

Holy Death, I come before you to ask for your protection from all evil, danger, and suffering that may cross my path.

Please do not make me feel pain or fear, take care of me before all the darkness of the world; I wish to be saved. I ask you to protect me with your sacred power.

Please fill me with happiness, health, and prosperity, grant me, sincere friends.

Protect me from envy and hatred, and may the blessed power of your sickle open all doors and all ways.

I ask you with fervor and faith in your energy because you have always been my guide and my help, you powerful, sacred, kind, who never failed.

I beg you, my fortune and good fortune always be on my side. I implore you with all my heart to fulfill my dreams and projects of this earthly plane.

Holy Death, today, I place my faith and trust in you. I know that you hear my prayers; you have always helped me in everything I needed; that is why I am faithful and believe in you.


Prayer to Holy Death for money

Splendorous Holy Death, I come before you as one of your greatest faithful. Today I need mercy because life crushes me.

This life that condemned me to its turmoil and put me at the mercy of cruelty, so I turn to you to help me obtain the sustenance I need to maintain my family.

Dear Mother, I beg you to help me find the money to take care of my life.

Merciful Mother, I need the sum of (indicate the amount of money) to fulfill various commitments.

I know your infinite goodness and mercy, that is why this humble servant’s plea to grant me the grace to receive the miracle.

I will always thank you for your understanding and promise (make a promise to bless and set a deadline) to show when I am grateful.

Believe in me, and I assure you that I will believe in you eternally.


Prayer to Holy Death to receive debt

Holy Death, I pray for your divine intervention, so that (name of the debtor) you may pay me the money I gave you. Money that I have earned with great effort and that I need now.

O (debtor’s name) does not want to pay me, so I ask you not to grant him peace until he has spent all his debt to me.

I lent him the money in good faith, and so far, I have not been reimbursed.

Please help me with the person who owes me his debt. Only then can I enjoy the money I need. I promise you I will be eternally grateful and remain faithful to you.

Thank you, dear mother, for answering my prayers, because I know that you have always listened to me and I know that you will help me to solve this serious problem.


Prayer to Holy Death to pay debts

Holy Death, multiply my wealth, so that I may cover my debt in the shortest possible time.

I never intended to appropriate what is not mine, so I must get out of all debts.

Please favor the fortune of my life; I don’t want to be like the wrong person to (indicate people’s names) because I have gained their complete trust.

These people trusted me blindly and lent me part of their assets. It is only fair that I act the same way.

Therefore, I ask you with great faith to help me pay all the debts, because I had problems along the way.

I will be eternally grateful, so I will offer you (indicate some offer) if you hear my requests.


Prayer to Holy Death to win the lottery

Holy Death, I raise my petitions to offer you the most sincere of the tributes that you deserve for having fulfilled all the requests that came to you.

Holy Death, I beg you to help me win the lottery. There is little money left in my pockets, and I will invest it in the lottery, trusting that I will receive your divine intervention to win.

I want, and I need you to help me win the money to find stability.

Oh! My mother, I have decided to humiliate myself in front of you so that you will give me this help. I’m going through the wrong time, which is why I need to win the lottery.

Luck should smile on me soon, and I know you can help me. You never leave your faithful without answers; you never abandon them; in return, I offer to honor and worship you whenever I can, my mother.



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