Heavenly Star Prayer

Why not say a prayer for protection and light from a Star in Heaven? It is worth trying and asking for the divine protection of the stars in the sky.

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Stars are bodies that spread light in all directions. The divine energy that is released through them travels through space and is added to spirits, people, or things, making changes according to our physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

All bodies, objects, and people live under the sensitivity that God Almighty has given them so that everything is in perfect harmony and synchrony in the universe.

Pray the prayer of the Star of Heaven, to get some of the energetic baths of its divine light.

Heavenly Star Prayer

I want to be the light that shines in the nights; I wish to offer my view to all those who need it, to illuminate both their path and mine in all these complicated and disturbing situations.

Oh! Lady star of the sky, in you, I give you incomparable energy, the weak and straightforward light, and glory, so that you illuminate the night with the beautiful light of energy amid the darkness.

Oh! Famous Star of the sky, which with its sisters resembles a power full of goodness, shining and full of life, give me the strength to stay for a long time, illuminating my darkness.

Allow me to receive your great and pure heavenly light; even if your light goes out, your energy will endure and will be transformed into a new being of light that continuously illuminates the neediest.

To you, I offer this white candle (to light a white candle), so that this light merges with yours and always illuminates me, so that your splendor is the same that marks my future and lasts as long as your life.

Lord, in praying this prayer, for the Star on this day, I want to feel that you have driven away sudden death, hunger, plague, war, fear, and evil, around my family and me.

With this powerful prayer, I ask the Virgin Mother and her son to print in my heart, the best original content of prayers, sympathies, kind, and love.

Help me great heavenly Star, give me your light, wisdom, and knowledge that is much and transcends the centuries, so that I can follow and make the right decisions when I need to throughout this life and be a person with an energy equal to yours.

Amen Jesus Christ!

Amen, most holy Mother of God!

Remarks on the Star of Heaven

After praying the prayer, we pray an Our Father and a Hail Mary.

Light a white candle with a glass of water, in the corner closest to the entrance, saying the following words: “O Star of Heaven, to you I offer this light that nothing compares to yours, to help me and enlighten me at all times, as you have done until now,” then ask for your desire with the highest possible faith to obtain good results.

Depending on the type of request or the gravity of the situation, you can pray two or three of our parents accompanied by three, Hail Marys and the number of candles can change according to the criteria of each person, what should not be missing is the glass full of water, because the water represents the purity of our soul and the purity with which we make our request.

And something paramount is to perform the ritual with all the faith placed in God, the stars and the universe to ensure that our request is heard and that they can provide us with the necessary help.


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