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Healing Prayers

The Creator Father, the Saviour Son, and the Healing Holy Spirit, The Trinity.

Festivity celebrated for the Trinity, one of the largest celebrated annually.

After the feast of Pentecost. Also known as the celebration of the coming of the Holy Spirit.

Sometimes when we need spiritual comfort, this trident will intercede in the health of the sick, a prayer to ask for help when we are sick, with ailments, for a relative, a friend and needier.

God, our Lord, will always be there to assist us at the time we need most, in times of distress.

We can at any time pray a prayer asking God and the Holy Trinity to intercede for our health, the health of our families, a loved one who gives him cure and well-being to free him from a profound illness.

Whenever we need God’s presence for a moment of despair or stress, a prayer will suffice to communicate with Him, to thank Him for the gift of life and the wonders He has given us.


Prayer for an uncomplicated delivery

🤕 Healing Prayer

Oh, heavenly Holy Spirit! Make my faith grow infinitely, we believe in your infinite healing power, deliver us from the bad energies that surround us.

Father, Lord God Almighty, you are the source of comfort and health, you who have said: “I am the one who gives you health.” Heavenly Holy Spirit, your love is real and infinite; we come to you to heal the sickness that dwells in the body of the sick.

Oh, Holy Spirit! We ask your name, heal us of diseases, bless us in sickness, and make me feel comforted by your grace amid my ailments and anguishes.

You, who can do anything, we beg you to return to good health. Although, if this is your will, we accept it as such, we only ask you to grant it the grace and strength necessary to go on facing it.

Have mercy on those who are without strength, deliver them from the evil that afflicts them, purify them, make them more human, transform them and make them closer to you so they may serve your name.

Holy Trinity performs a miracle of love, grant them healthy in body and soul, the peace they so badly need. We ask this with faith and gratitude for your great divine mercy.



🤒 Prayers for health


How to pray a curative prayer?

Let us remember that for God to hear our prayers we only need faith, a prayer that is born of your heart, at the times when you need God’s help the most; He will be there for you.

It is not necessary to have a prayer book whenever you want to talk to God; the words that come from the heart and full of devotion will be well heard.

Trust in his mercy, trust in your faith, remember that faith moves mountains, breaks down barriers and obstacles that we sometimes impose on ourselves. He will be your divine intercessor who will replenish your vitality and strength.

By making a prayer, we can receive all the benefit that God offers us to cure our illnesses or to be His will learn to overcome it.

Just close your eyes, meditate, open your heart, and your words will be heard. Pray in the name of God, in the name of the Holy Spirit, it will always be an excellent opportunity to speak with God and thank him for his infinite mercy.