Happy Birthday Prayer

Make the birthday of your acquaintances a blessed day. Pray a message that expresses all your affection and the blessing of having this person at your side.

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Birthdays are beautiful moments to celebrate the life God has given us and to encourage our friends and family with happy birthday prayers, words of courage, hope, and positive energy.

Below are some prayers for the birthday and incentives to give someone on their special day!

Illuminated birthday prayer

Congratulations on this day! My heart is overflowing with joy because you are having a birthday, and we can celebrate with you in the presence of the Lord.

May this year be full of grace, health, and money with the light of Jesus Christ in your heart. Have faith at all times, for the impossible does not exist for God.

May God’s grace illuminate the choices you make and, with determination, follow the path with inspiration and perseverance.

I thank God for this day when we celebrate another year of your life (name) so unique in the world.

Today I want to wish you much peace, strength, luck, love, money, and joys and know that I will always be praying to God for your life.

May this date be repeated for many years, and I wish that our Lord will fill you with blessings. Enjoy your birthday with lots of energy and smiles.

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Prayer

God of all creation, we thank you for the gift of life.

We congratulate you on this year’s gift, hug you for inner peace, and together we commemorate your growth.

Listen to and protect my God, “name of the person,” your servant, who today recalls your birth and rejoices in gifts of life and love, family, and friends.

Bless him with messages and engage him with your love, so that he may enjoy many happy years with confidence, maturity, and prosperity.

We pray you for protection from danger with your mantle of gratitude through Christ, our Savior.

May he have a Happy Birthday!


Gratitude for another year of life

Thank you, God, for giving me more this year.

Thank you for all the experience of this last year, for the moments of success that will always be happy memories. So the sun shone, and for the moments of failure that reminded me of my weakness and the need for you.

Please help me to have a year with evolution, success, good work, and courage, and through it bring a good return for me, happiness and pride to my loved ones, and joy for you.


Blessing for Birthdays

May fate be light to you,

Let the wind play in your hair,

May the sunshine on your face,

And may the energies be abundant in your work,

May God be with you always

May you be rich in blessings

May the truth come to you,

May the warm rays of the sun warm your home,

May the grass you walk on always be green,

May blue be the sky above you

And unquestionably pure the joys that surround you,

And may the hand of a friendly angel always be near.

So be blessed.


How to make a birthday blessing

1. Declare the love of God

Birthdays are a great time to say I love you, especially for kids. But also say: Jesus loves you.

2. Thank Him for the past year

God, we thank you for (the person’s name), your beloved son. Thank you for the gift of your life.

3. Bless

Stand up, put your hands on the head or shoulders of the person on the birthday. Say one of the birthday prayers or blessings and then bless the person! “I praise you… (or, you are blessed…) in God’s name.


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