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Prayer to the Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

God, in creating us, wanted us to share all the goodness, love, and respect He has taught us throughout our lives.

However, at times, we encounter obstacles on the road that put us to the test or external evils that want to manipulate us far from the word of God.

That is why God did not entrust to each of us a guardian angel, in charge of taking care of each one of our steps, protecting us from any evil entity that harms us and guiding our way to God to accompany us, at the moment of our death, to the kingdom of heaven for eternal life.

While people think that guardian angels are unique to children and adolescents, the truth is that our guardian angel is there for the rest of our days until the hour of death so we can entrust him with our care and protection without fear of anything in the world.

How long has it been since you’ve spoken to your guardian angel? Here are some prayers for you to go to your little angel for the unification of couples, the divine protection and the care of the minor of the house.


💖 Prayer for the Guardian Angel of the beloved person

Guardian Angel, faithful servant of God. You have been charged with protecting the soul and body of a human being whom I love and admire very much and respect.

Today I address you, even if you are not my little angel, because I want the total protection of the person to whom you have been entrusted. You’re the guardian angel of your love, and I know you’re only looking for the best for him.

Please sweeten the beloved’s angel to protect him with your wings and all the divine power God has entrusted to you. Bring him closer to God and his teachings because he has strayed a little from God’s way. He needs your support, and I know you’ll be able to protect him better than anyone else.

Guardian Angel of the person I love, I need you to approach me and open your eyes to my truth and honesty. Make him see that I am the right person for him because I need to bring the loved one into my life.

Unite our bonds of love so our souls may be intertwined for life. God has blessed our relationship, and I pray that he will also give us his mercy…


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💑 Prayer to the Guardian Angel to unite the couple

Dear Guardian Angel. You were sent by God Himself to protect me and take care of each of my steps on the unstable path of life. I know that all the obstacles that God places in my way are to test my courage, my strength and my faith, for which I thank him for having accompanied and guided me in all the challenges that God has placed in me.

Nobody knows me better than you do. You are the one who accompanies me since I was just a child with an innocent soul, who guided me through evil to always find God’s love on the road. That’s why I’m asking you today, my angel, to help me find the love I wanted.

He’s the right person for me, and we both love each other deeply. I ask you, please, to unite us with your blessed bond and allow us to show each other the love and respect we feel. For love, there is always time, and I am ready to handle it and experience it.

Protect my heart as you have done on previous occasions, keep my feelings safe, and allow my partner’s soul to be entirely in tune with mine. Gather these two hearts that have long deserved to be together.



😤 Prayer to another person’s Guardian Angel to calm down

You are the one sent by God to earth to protect men and keep them away from all evil, sins, and demons. Today I speak to you, the guardian angel of the person I love because I know that you are as concerned about him as I am.

You’ll know better than I do that; lately, anger and fury have taken over his body. It seems that nothing calms him, nothing satisfies him, nothing pleases him, and his response always finds violence on the way.

There is no time to pause in peace when he is present, and it is time to change.

I ask you because you are his little angel, please remove from his body all traces of anger and wickedness that have taken refuge in him. It takes away the bad energies and impotence from your body because there is no place for them.

Show him that God is always with him, remind him that you are his little angel and that you are there to protect him and help him in any situation.

Remind him that he is not alone: He has you and me by his side, ready to welcome him with open arms when his soul is calm, and all the anger has left him. Find him again with God, little angel, for it is his duty before Our Lord.


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🛡 Prayer to strengthen the Guardian Angel and ask for protection

Almighty God. You are the Creator of the Universe and life which dwells within it. You created us in your image and likeness, filled us with your unconditional love and showed us the path to healing that we will find in the kingdom of heaven beside you.

Almighty God. You are the Creator of the Universe and life which dwells within it. You created us in your image and likeness, filled us with your unconditional love and showed us the path to healing that we will find in the kingdom of heaven beside you.

However, you didn’t send us into the world alone. He entrusted the most important work, that of our protection, to a guardian angel who watches over all our steps and keeps us away from any path that is far from you. You chose it precisely for each of us because the angel’s work is of the utmost importance.

Today I ask you, Lord, to give my guardian angel protection from you because he also needs it. Help him in the process of bringing me to you, for sometimes sin and the devil become, and he is just one, God, and weakens.

Fill it with strength, courage, and fortitude to move forward and be able to do your job of protection in the best way possible. By protecting you, you also protect me, Father, and that is what I ask of you most in this life. I beg you, sir.


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👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Prayer of the Guardian Angel of children

You who protect so much the children and the neediest. At this point, I want to thank you for taking care of me when I was little and for guiding me on the right path to love and worship God.

You have done the work which the Lord has given you, and you have filled me with unconditional love for you and for the Lord, which I cannot even begin to describe to you.

Today, I turn to you, the guardian angel of my children, who has the task of protecting them, caring for them, and loving them as if they were your children. I come with an open heart to receive your blessing and ask you to bless my children with the gift of protection given to them by God.

It guides each of your steps for good and accompanies them through the complicated process of personal growth. Help them to forge a unique personality, of good habits and customs, with critical thinking and dedication to Almighty God. You will be your most excellent teacher of religion, but there is no better example than an angel sent by God to show you the goodness of our Creator.

Protect him, guardian angel, from any adversity that may arise and give him the strength to fight for himself. Please don’t leave him alone.


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👶 Prayer of the Guardian Angel for baby to sleep

Guardian Angel, your company, is sweet and has kept me steady since my childhood. You’re my best friend, my confidant, and my advisor.

The faith I have in you is equal to the confidence I feel in God because I know that you were chosen especially by Our Lord, to accompany me on my way on earth.

I thank you, angel, for all you have done for me in the most challenging times. I thank you with my soul for having accompanied me in my life, for having advised me in the decisions I made and always remembering that I have enough courage to move forward, towards the path of God.

My prayer today is not for me, little angel. Today I ask you to intercede on my baby’s body, to talk to your guardian angel and allow him/her to have enough peace to be able to have a deep sleep.

Ask him, little angel, to sleep well and without problems. Let me know if you’re uncomfortable or if you have a condition that I should be worried about.

I ask you to communicate with my son’s guardian angel and ask him to give him serenity and make him feel the love of God in his little body. Calm his anxiety, calm his desire to explore the world and let him sleep through the night so he and I can rest.


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👨 Prayer for her husband’s Guardian Angel

You’re the perfect company that God sent with us to Earth. You are our confidant, and you know better all our deepest desires, our goals, dreams, ideas, and sorrows.

Today, I turn to you, who is my husband’s guardian angel, to ask you to place him on the Lord’s Path, because he has gone a little away from him.

My husband’s guardian angel, I ask him to intercede for him before God and ask the Creator for the forgiveness he needs to recover the goodness of his soul.

It removes from him all the false friends who preach the love of lies because they have only dedicated themselves to hurting him and making him suffer in secret. No one deserves friends like that, so I’m asking you to get them out of your life and not let them come back.

I want you to tuck him in with your wings and make him feel the love of God going through his body. Bring him close to your chest and let him feel the warmth of Our Lord, His loving embrace, His hands that lead to good.

The teachings that God gave you were forgotten, and that is why I ask you to remind him of everything you showed him when he was little. Make him renew his faith in you and Christ, in the Holy Spirit and God.


Guardian angels for adults?

the guardian angel of the loved one

When we grow up, we lose all the innocence that characterized us at the beginning of life, and with it, we think that we also lose the divine protection of God and our guardian angel.

We do not know where the myth comes from that guardian angels only protect children, but the truth is that the sacred scriptures have taught us that their protection is eternal.

Trust your little angel fully and pray to him always. Please don’t make him feel like you’ve forgotten or abandoned him, because he’d never leave you.