Prayer to the Guardian Angel

Learn to pray to your Guardian Angel for protection, blessings, care of children! These prayers are powerful, protect, and give strength!

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God has entrusted each of us with a Guardian Angel. Pray the prayer to the Guardian Angel like you never did to another protector.

Look for the name of your Guardian Angel by your birth date! Always talk to him or pray to him, or call him by his name. He is still at your side. He is in our lives.

Prayer to the Guardian Angel of the beloved one

Guardian Angel, my Angel, faithful servant of God, charged with protecting whom I love, admire, and respect.

On this day, my Saint, I ask for peace and protection of the person to whom you have been entrusted.

Bring him/her closer (name) to the Father and his teachings because he/she has strayed a little from the path. He (name) has protection and needs your support always in his life, and I know that you can protect him from evil and learn from it.

Guardian Angel of the person I love, I need you to bring him closer to me and open his eyes to my truth and honesty. Make him/her see that I am the right person for him/her because I need to bring the person I love into my life.

Bring our bonds together so that our souls are intertwined. Blessed be our relationship! How I pray that you will also give us more of your mercy.

Amen always to Angels!

Prayer to the Guardian Angel to unite a couple

My Angel, sent to protect and care for my steps on the road day by day. I know all the obstacles in my day-to-day are to test my courage, strength, and faith.

Holy Protecting Angel, who has accompanied me since I was a child, who guided my story day by day to find God on the road!

That is why today I ask you, my Holy Angel, to help me find the love I have desired.

He is the right person for me. I ask you to unite us with your blessed bond and allow us to show each other the love and intimacy that we feel.

Protect my heart from anguish, keep my feelings safe as my partner’s soul is always entirely in tune with mine. Gather these two hearts that deserve to be together.

Amen, Holy Guardian Angel!

Prayer to someone else's Guardian Angel to calm down

Guardian Angel sent to earth to protect men and keep them from all evil, sins, and demons. I speak to you on this day, Holy Guardian Angel of the person I love, because I know you are concerned.

My Holy Guardian Angel, anger, and fury have taken over. Nothing seems to calm him, nothing satisfies him, and his response always finds violence on the way.

There is no pause in peace when he is present, and it is time to change. My soul begs and thirsts for protection and holds dangers at this moment. Thus I pray on this day to the Angel, the spirit of good.

I ask you to remove from his body the traces of wrath and evil that have taken refuge in him. Remove the evil energies, anger, and powerlessness from his body and learn to tolerate and be patient in this world.

Show him that the spirit of good is always with him and that his soul has protection.

Father, protect me and help me in any situation!

He has protection all day long with you at his side, ready to welcome you with open arms.

Meet him again with God, because it is your duty before Our Lord.

Amen, Lord God!

Prayer to strengthen the Guardian Angel and ask for protection

Lord God Almighty, Creator of the Universe and of all life forms which dwell within it! We have been created in His divine image and likeness, may His spirit show us the way every day to healing as we will find it in the kingdom of heaven.

He entrusts more our protection, to a Guardian Angel who watches over all our steps and leads us away from any path of evil. You chose him precisely for each one of us because the work of the Angel is of the highest importance.

On this day, I ask you, Lord, to give protection to my Guardian Angel because he needs it too. Help him in the process of thirsting to bring my soul to the Angels, for sometimes sin and the devil become strong, and he is only one and weak.

Fill him with strength, more courage, and fortitude to follow and be able to do his work of protection in the best possible way. By protecting you in this world, I am also protected, Father.

Hear my prayers, my Guardian Angel! That I may learn to keep evil away and have peace in divine mercy!


Prayer to the Guardian Angels of your children

Angels who protect children and those most in need! I want to thank Angels for taking care of me and guiding me on the right path to love and worship God.

I come with my open heart and soul on this day, my Guardian Angel, to receive the blessing and ask you to bless my children, protecting from evil, and giving peace every day.

Guide them for good and accompany them through the complicated process of personal growth. Help them to forge a distinguished personality, of good habits and customs, with critical thinking and dedicated to God Almighty. Guardian Angels are the most excellent teachers; there is no better example than angels sent by God to show the goodness of our Creator Father.

Protect them, Guardian Angels, from any adversity which may arise and give them the strength to fight for themselves. Please do not leave them alone.


Prayer to the Guardian Angel for your baby to sleep

Father, I say this prayer to the Guardian Angel to intercede for my baby on this day! Speak to his Guardian Angel and allow him to have enough peace so that he can have a deep sleep.

Let me know if my baby is uncomfortable or has a condition I should be concerned about.

I ask my child’s Guardian Angel to give him serenity and make him feel the love of God in his little body. Calm his anxiety and let him sleep through the night so that we can rest.

Amen Angel!

Prayer to your husband's Guardian Angel

Father, divine protection of the earth. My everyday confidant, who knows my soul, our desires, our goals, dreams, ideas, and sorrows.

Lord God, I make this prayer to the Guardian Angel to place him (name) on the path of prayers and angels!

I make this prayer to my husband’s Guardian Angel. I ask you to intercede before God and ask the Creator for the forgiveness you need so much to recover the goodness of your soul.

Turn away all false friends who preach lies and evil, because they have only dedicated themselves to hurting him and making him suffer. I ask you to disappear from his life.

I want you to tuck him in with your wings and make him learn and feel the peace and love of the Father.

The teachings God has given you have been forgotten, and that is why I ask you to remind him of everything you have shown him. Make him renew his faith in you and Christ in the Spirit and God.



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