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Graduation Prayer


Graduation is the best day for every student. It is an unforgettable day, charged with many emotions because it is the ceremony with which an academic year ends, and a new learning process begins.

A graduation ceremony is an act of celebration, and we witness it in various stages of our lives. Since we are small, when we finish the initial education stage, then the necessary education and finally the university. Of course, this always depends on the place where you do your studies.

In each of the graduation ceremonies that we witness, we must thank our Lord Almighty. For having guided us to fulfill our objectives, for accompanying us on the road and giving us the strength and wisdom to face all the adversities caused in our days of study.

In addition to thanking Jesus Christ for allowing us to obtain our graduation degree, we must also ask Him to continue guiding us on the right path. Fill us with wisdom, strength, and healing to face new challenges, whether it be a new stage of studies or the beginning of professional life.


Prayer for graduates

Dear God, I come to you humbly to intercede for my fellow students and me, to guide us to walk in your grace in the new stage we are about to face.

We pray that you will help us to make the best decisions not according to the world, but transformed by your power.

Lord, we implore you to help us follow the path of honesty and integrity. We ask that we have a vision and a pure heart for the world, allow our hearts to open to every plan and purpose you have for us.

I offer you my way so you may lead me to the right one, and I may have a life of victory, success, and prosperity. Help me always to give my best, give me your blessing at all times, and do not allow me to fall into temptation.

Help me to continue humbly and enthusiastically on the new path that I once began with grand illusion and without you could not culminate. Lord, my God, I need you in all my ways, in all those who will come later.

Please do not forsake me, my God, thank you for allowing me and my companions to graduate satisfactorily, for not leave us, for not allowing anything to affect our studies, and for your infinite mercy. Amen.