Prayer for graduation

In addition to thanking Jesus Christ for allowing us to reach our graduation, we must also ask him to continue guiding us on the right path.

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At the ceremony, we should thank Our Lord Almighty, with the prayer of graduation, for having guided us to fulfill our goals.

As well as for having accompanied us all the way and for giving us the strength and wisdom to face the worries in our days of study, we thank you.

The graduation day is critical; it is unforgettable, charged with many emotions because it is the ceremony with which an academic life ends, and a new learning process begins.

A ceremony is an act of celebration, and we will remember it at various moments in our lives.

When we are small, when we finish the initial education phase, then the necessary education, the vestibular and finally the university, of course, it always depends on where you do your studies.

Ask Our Lord to fill you, with the prayer of graduation, with wisdom, strength, and courage to face new challenges, whether it is a new stage of courses or the beginning of professional life.

Prayer for Graduates

Dear God, I come to you humbly to intercede for my colleagues, and for me to guide us to walk in your grace in the new stage that we are about to face.

We pray that you will help us to make the best decisions, with intelligence, self-esteem, and coherent attitudes.

Lord, we implore you to help us to follow the path of honesty and integrity.

We ask that we have real vision and a pure heart for the world.

Let our hearts be in touch with and open to all the plans of knowledge as well as the memory, purposes, and values that have been meant for us.

I offer my hands to lead me on the path of reflection so that you may lead me to the right, and I may have a life of victory, success, and prosperity.

Help me always to give me your blessing and do not let me fall into temptation.

Please help me to continue humbly and enthusiastically on this new path, which I began with great hope. Without you, I would have had no meaning.

Lord, my God, I need you in all my history, academic activities, practices, and adversities.

Please do not abandon me, my God.

Thank you for allowing me and my companions to graduate satisfactorily.

Thank you for not abandoning us.

Thank you for giving us access to our studies and for your infinite mercy.



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