Prayer for good luck

Do you feel things aren't going well for you? That you need divine help lately? Say one of these prayers and see how your luck changes.

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Prayers exist for every moment of life, so try to attract good things into your life.

How many people complain about lack of luck in life, lack of luck in love, lack of luck in professional and personal life, among other situations. I think it’s still lack of faith, that’s all – we need a prayer for good luck!

Prayers are made to protect us and give us the courage to face good times and bad times of life.

Lack of luck is perhaps just an absence of faith in life! If you have faith, things certainly happen naturally, and everything works out.

Either way, we need to believe that everything will work out. No negative thoughts from today! Believe in the prayer for good luck, and it will come to you!

Prayer for luck in everything in life

Save the light from the light, save the remote current from the broad light phalanges.

I invoke the sovereign power of luck in my life and in all that I propose to do or need.

May the bread necessary for life, the light of the world, light of luck, of life, and the path are not lacking in my house.

In the name of the Lord God, luck, to overcome problems, to bring balance in our lives, business, and opportunities.

I will have protection at all times of my life and defense against enemies so that they will not have the strength to stand in my way.

Seventy times I call upon luck, seventy times I have a chance, seventy times I will have luck in the name of God the Father, God the Son, God the Spirit.

I will have by my side seventy times, seventy angels of fortune.

So be it!

Prayer for luck in the lottery

Oh! Beneficent Spirits of Fortune, excellent and charitable spirits who sustain us.

Spirits who fill our homes with good fortune and help us to increase all our goods!

I open the doors of my house and invoke you with affection and confidence so that with your presence, you may give me the blessing.

Please fill me with luck and happiness of progress and success in all that you propose to me. May my investments work correctly, and good luck is my ally.

May my bets are right, and my numbers are rewarded. May I receive considerable prizes in games of chance and thus get all the money I need to get out of such tightness and necessity.

May I be able to pay off my debts quickly, as payments are urgent and my savings have gone to the bottom.

May I have my finances cleaned and that of my loved ones be rested and calmed so that I can sleep in peace and my day is comfortable. These critical moments of ruin and despair are forever in memory.

Spirits of Fortune, spirits of good luck remove all bad vibrations, all negative, all wicked shadow, misfortune, and misfortune send out every evil and every enemy so that I may be free from all impediment and trouble and everything good and positive may come to me, and good luck and happiness may be on my side.

Guide me so that I know how to bet well and win a rewarding prize that is enough for everything I need.

Please grant me the wisdom and wisdom not to wear out and that I know how to manage well all that I receive.

Bring health and good fortune to the doors of this house, so that I may accomplish my projects and all that I dream and have in mind to see my desires fulfilled.

I know that money is not the main thing, but the needs are extreme.

I know that money is not the main thing. However, the needs are extreme so that extra money can come into our home, which I need so much. I urgently need to be able to alleviate this hard situation of need and to face all that I owe.

I have confidence in your kind Spirits of Fortune, fill me with abundance and prosperity, and receive our gratitude through the candles, which I will light to illuminate the paths.

May it be so!

Prayer to be lucky in love

Lord Jesus, born of crystal clear and real love, which is never lost, I come to You, with all the faith in my heart, to place my sentimental life before Your altar.

I have learned that the Lord never gives the blessing in half; I know that in Your word, the promise that covers all areas of my life and, based on Your name, I come to the throne of glory and take possession of healing and freedom from all my bad feelings.

From now on, I declare that my feelings are adjusted by the power of the God of Glory, He has saved the spirit and, through this prayer, heals the soul!

From now on, I attract to myself the right person, prepared by God, to live by my side so that together we can build a life of love, passion, affection, friendship, and companionship.

All this by your grace, beloved Father! I thank you for looking after me and interceding on my behalf.

I will pray for seven days, and then seven more, until this particular person appears in my life, and that I know, at the time of the meeting, to be sure that this is my half and that together we are whole.

What's lucky for you?

Lucky to be alive! Blessed to have a house to live in! Lucky to have food on the table! Have you ever stopped to think about it?

You’re a fortunate person! You have your job and your money to support your family. You have the health to face your daily life, so you can’t complain about anything, thank God for another day of life – when you wake up you have a chance to get back to life and turn it around, taking away what’s wrong and turning it into positive things.

How important is luck in life?
In addition to our professional competence, we need luck too, of course.

Reserve a few minutes of your day, stay alone in a quiet place and ask God for protection and much health to live your daily life.

Pray that luck will always smile on you and that good things will be attracted in your life.

Pray that life will be longer and that you will enjoy it more. This is the reason for happiness – your peace of mind!


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