Prayer to get a job

Trying to get the job you want and fast is not easy. Why not ask for help with a powerful prayer for urgent employment?

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To get a job is not usually overnight, the search can turn into an odyssey, which can discourage us. Have you ever tried praying to get a job?

Doing a prayer or ritual at this time may be what you need to carry positive thoughts. Also, perhaps one, when done with faith, can help you get the job you want.

We want to help you, so we leave these prayers to you to get a job urgently. Do whatever you want and as many times as you wish, to get a good job, all help is welcome.

Prayer to get a better job

Holy angel, my attention, and my love. A faithful friend who protects me. I have all my trust, and I want to walk with you. I know that you are being enlightened by the grace and joys of the Lord.

I ask you to help me through this prayer, to open my professional paths now, as well as to get an opportunity, a job tor a placement in an urgent service.

You are a superior being, with you, I always want to walk, helping all people with the strength to continue their journey, with a tender and charitable look, distributing joy and blessing.

Gentle companion and friend, support me in this challenging professional moment, help me, protect me today and always.

Once you get a job, the next step is to keep what you already have. What better than prayer to get a better position to guide you for many years.


Prayer to get a job urgently

Guardian angel, friend, and companion since birth! With me, he grew up, holding me during stumbles and any difficulty.

I thank you for always being with me, in various moments of need.

I hope that you will give me a long life, so that in each one of my days I may thank you with prayers;

My zealous protector, if you have entrusted divine piety to me. I humbly ask that in your wisdom, you help me to get a good job quickly in a good company.


Prayer to get a new job

Jesus, open a door for me!

Lord, answer this cry that comes from the depths of my heart: open a door for me! You alone know and know Jesus, the moment of difficulty that I (speak your name here), and all my family are going through because of unemployment.

You also know with how much hope I approach You asking to go ahead of me. Opening a door, and preparing a job so that I can, through dignified service, give my family โ€œthe bread of every day.โ€

You are my hope! I ask further that You give me every confidence, courage, fearlessness, and fortitude to leave my house in search of this job. In the certainty that Your hands, stretched out in my favor, will knock on the doors before me, preparing my entrance into work according to Your will.

Trusting entirely in Your Word, which says, Knock, and it will be opened to whomsoever it shall knock. I already thank You with all my heart because I believe that โ€œto God nothing is impossible.

Pray several times a day and especially before going out to look for a job: Merciful Jesus, open a door for me and grant me this grace!

๐Ÿ“ƒ Author Chico Xavier

Help to find a good job

These are the options we leave you with strong prayers for urgent employment. But of course, just praying without researching or distributing resumes doesnโ€™t help much.

It is essential to look for jobs, to show the universe that you are in the mood to work in companies!

Make a list, remember your contacts or good contact. If you dress correctly, take care of your professional posture.

And light a candle for your Guardian Angel.

Try some of these prayers to get a new job, and good luck!


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