Prayer for friendship

Address your prayers to God and ask to strengthen a friendship, cure the illness of your friend or even recover the friendship that in time has been lost.

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God created humans and gave them the freedom to form bonds of love and friendship and union among themselves. That is why this prayer for friendship was made.

Love is not exclusive for couples and many people when they meet a particular person in their life with whom they want to share great adventures and learn life lessons, staying only as friends.

Friends, we can choose freely and those who will support us in the most challenging situations of our lives, as well as in the most important and joyful moments of our lives.

We are free to bond with whomever we deem appropriate. However, no doubt, it is God who puts them on our path, exceptional people with whom we can establish the strongest friendships.

Just as they are there to support us, we must return their feelings, whether with messages, hugs, affection, paying attention, or when asking for help.

Ask your friends for protection with the prayer of friendship, for a dear friend who is sick or in the hospital, to attract and strengthen you.

Prayer to strengthen friendship

Almighty God, creator of the universe and living beings, you created us in your image and likeness. Through your sacred word, you taught us the value of spirituality and each of us in society.

You, Lord Jesus, have taught us that we are in this world to fulfill our mission of making it a better place, capable of helping someone and that we must depend on our allies and friends never to deviate from our morals and your ethical teachings.

That is why I ask you, God, to strengthen the bonds of friendship that I have forged with so much effort throughout my life.

Some friends from my childhood, others from my adolescence and adulthood, but they are all unconditional friends who have only brought joy and peace of mind into my life. And may this gift continue and be shared even with distances of thought.

God, the Father, allow our friendship to remain intact until the end of our days. Give me the strength to continue stable and to help them overcome their sorrows, just as they help me with mine.

They are good people (names) that you have put on my path, and I ask that our true relationship, be an example to others around us, especially children.


Prayer for friendship return

Dear God, today I speak to you with a sad and suffering heart, because I feel that one of my most essential pillars, the friend, (name) has walked away with anger and abandoned me.

You have united us under your sacred blessing because I know that you only put on my path. These beings bring me right and teach me valuable lessons in self-improvement and personal love.

But I feel that the person with whom I have forged a single friendship has moved away from me. This friend is a being of light, beautiful and kind, and I have hurt him.

God, I ask you to return my friend to my life, to accept our friendship again, to forgive me because I need his presence, his advice, and his joy.

Break all the doubts, deceits and lies that have caused our relationship to be destroyed in the first place, because they were all created by the devil to break one of the strongest bonds you have forged in my life, Lord!

Take away from my life and yours, all those malicious people who want to take us away, inventing unfounded lies, just because they are jealous of our bond.

Open my friend’s eyes, with your grace, make him know the truth, give him wisdom, understanding, tenderness, forgiveness, and let him see the sincere bond that unites us and allows us to be better for each other.

I have hope, patience, tell him that with your love.


Prayer for a friend

Dear God, you have loved me so much and helped me in every moment of need I have faced.

I want to thank you first of all for always being my support, the one who gives me the courage and shows me that love only exists with you.

Thank you, God, for all that you have done for me for forging me in the person with fullness and maturity that I am today.

My prayer today is not for me but for one of my great friends who is overcoming a moment of extreme difficulty in his life.

He is the right person; you know this well because he is one of your most respectful disciples and angels on this planet. However, his good and gentle soul has been changed in recent times by the unfortunate situations that he is facing

Today I beg you, God, to show him the way back to you because he has lost his way and needs your refuge and shelter.

Show him God, your support, sympathy, ways, and that you are always present.

Do not leave him alone, God, I ask you, because he deserves many good things in the world, despite this dark moment that he is going through.


Prayer for healing a friend

Merciful God, Yours is the kingdom of heaven and the souls of all humans on earth who worship You faithfully.

I come to you in times of greatest need, and you have always helped me, God, because your mercy has no limits.

Today I pray and ask for my friend (name) because his health has deteriorated, mainly due to an illness that (attacks) he and I fear that this will bring him to the end of his days.

I ask you, God protector of the sick, to give him your mercy and help him to overcome this sickness that so afflicts him and deteriorates his body, his family. Give him the right medicine, help, faith in the Holy Spirit, and the opportunity to live fully in the company of the people he loves.

I ask you, God, to improve his health and give him the strength to overcome his illness. He has the support of all the people who love him, and I know that the Lord protects him.

Bless him, give him your complete protection and let him emerge victorious from this illness.


Lasting friendships forever

The real friends that God places on our path must be guarded in every situation. While it is crucial to turn to the Lord for prayers to strengthen this bond, you must also take your actions to unite the two souls in harmony.

Practice the values of honesty and respect in your daily life first. These two values are the most important for maintaining a healthy and lasting bond, as the Lord intends and wants.


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