Prayer to forget the past

Say this prayer to let go and forget the mistakes of the past and ask the Lord for light and help to open paths to free you from that which holds you back.

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The history of each one and their memories are issues of great importance for all of us. As the moment and our experiences, they can be of suffering, pain, and torment many people throughout our lives.

This is why this prayer is so important to forget the past.

If you need to forget something or someone that has harmed you and led you to suffer, ask for God’s help and mercy, and the sooner you do, the better it will be for you and your mental health.

How can you turn to God our Lord to help you forget the past and your mistakes?

The best thing is to make this beautiful prayer to let go of the past, which we brought especially for you.

And free yourself from demons and memories, which do not allow you to live full, happy, and at peace in this moment of your existence.

Prayer to forget mistakes of the past

My Holy Father and Creator of all that exists, I have done such terrible things that I cannot even say aloud.

It seems like a lie that after having committed terrible acts in full awareness of the evil, I have caused people in my past. I have matured and realized the shame of all that I have become.

I am so sorry that there is no comfort to heal the mist that fills my soul with darkness, humiliation, and the thoughts of deep sadness that surrounds me.

I am trying to redeem myself from these anguishes by changing my way of thinking, doing good deeds for my own and others, acting in a more mature and humble approach to stop hurting everyone around me and to stay calm with me and my conscience.

The problem now is that I am afraid it is too late to stop and apologize for the gravity of the actions committed and to make them understand that I have changed my way of being and thinking.

In those times when ambition, power, and selfishness existed, I filled my being with a profound disconnect with my loved ones. That’s when I was only dedicated to harming or alienating those who loved me most in this life, my family.

Lord Jesus! I fear very much that I cannot repair my mistakes and this burden of evil, no matter how many times I kneel. I know that I will not succeed alone, so I pray this prayer to forget the past and ask forgiveness from the depths of my heart in this life.

Know that living like this is so painful and full of regret, so I earnestly pray these prayers and ask for your serenity, wisdom, and love from your heart.

I pray for your word of mercy, for me to do my best, changing the meaning of my life for the better, with love and certainty of a kind and new conscience, to open new paths for me.

Father, I am well aware that not all work depends on my word or anyone, but on the loving actions I do to redeem my past.

It is there that I ask for your infinite understanding in this prayer to forget this pain, my past, as a support to gain forgiveness and redeeming love, from all those I have made, suffer and hurt.

Lord Jesus Christ, the most critical forgiveness is that which I need for myself because the whole world can forgive me. However, it will be of no use if I do not first redeem myself and am not able to do it alone.

I doubted that anyone could do it, but when I felt the power of love that you possess, Lord, I was sure that you could forgive my mistakes and strengthen my soul by saying this prayer to forget my past.

Beloved Father, I will undoubtedly forget the sorrow and the doubt, as well as those many bad memories from my past. And be at peace when I obtain the forgiveness of my loved ones, and it is at this moment that I will do everything with passion and the will to be happy again.

Do you know how I know? I understand why you never leave alone the beings who exist in your love and who need your light to return to the path of good and spread your teachings all over the world.

Amen Jesus!

Is it possible to forget all the mistakes of the past?

First of all, you wouldn’t consider it a simple prayer. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here.

You read it when you know that you need help and spiritual guidance so that your soul can heal and be healed of all memories and many wrong situations, words of madness, false loves, as well as lack of love, light, and faith.

The correct answer is yes. We can redeem ourselves by praying this prayer to forget the situations that do not bring good memories.

It is possible to forget what we have done with a prayer prayed from the bottom of our hearts and the full conviction that everything will be better done, as long as we have love from now on.

If you can’t open and get certain things out of your mind, because you are supposed to have already lived, and it is a learning experience for you or someone else.

You can live with them, ask for forgiveness, and continue without tormenting your present life and all the good that you have been able to build now.


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