Prayer for those who died

These prayers are to watch over the person loved or known who passed away—a prayer to guide souls to their final destination in peace.

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This is the wheel of life! We are born, we grow up, and one day we will meet the Father. Everything is part of a natural process, and fortunately, according to the Holy Bible, one day, we will meet again with those who left us earlier.

The longing remains, but we need to pray for those who have already died, so that they may make the passage, calm and in peace.

Prayer for the soul of someone who died

Lord, my God, Creator and Redeemer of all men, grant the soul of the servant the name of the person, the remission of all his sins.

Hear, O pious Lord, the prayer that I humbly address to you, and obtain to the soul of (name), forgiveness, that he may sing your praises in heaven forever.

Grant to this brother, Lord, a path without anguish, for the purification of sin and full of hope, faith, bliss, and the radiance of Your light!

Eternal, merciful, and just God, who desires the salvation of all creatures, I beg your mercy that this beloved being may enjoy the precept of hope and eternal happiness.

Receive, Lord, my prayer, I ask that you show compassion to the soul of this servant (so-and-so) and grant him to be purified from his errors so that his soul may receive the blessing of being with you for all centuries.


Prayer for the deceased

Holy Father, Eternal and Almighty God, we ask you for those whom you have called from this world.

Give them happiness, light, and peace.

May they, having passed through death, share in the fellowship of your saints in the eternal light, as you promised Abraham and his descendants.

May their souls suffer nothing, and design to raise them with your saints on the day of resurrection and reward.

Forgive them their sins, that they may attain unto you immortal life in the eternal kingdom.

Through Jesus Christ, Your Son, in the unity of the Holy Spirit!


How to pray for those who have died

Often in our lives, we are taken by surprise and lose important people like Father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, uncles, cousins, among others, and even essential friends.

Many deaths are natural, and we are waiting in some way, but others do not. They happen unexpectedly, leaving fear and avoid.

The important thing is to know that the family member is well and in the arms of God and the Virgin Mary. Hence, prayers are essential for him or her to feel good in eternal life.

The important thing is to always think positively for the rest of the deceased. Saudades, yes, sadness, no! Miss, the person who is gone, but do not feel sadness in any way.

Your loved one who is gone may think like this: “When you think of me, don’t cry and remember the good times we spent together. If you do, he’ll feel happier wherever he is.

When praying, ask God and the Hail Mary to protect this being so special in your life.

Thoughts we should have

There is always a time for everything in life: there is time to be born, there is time to plant and harvest, there is time to grow in life, there is time to return to the Creator. We must think that one day we will fulfill our mission too and meet our departed ones.

Another critical thought is to have faith in life and to go on without sadness, without tears in our eyes and heart.

Not doubt that you will be happy even after the departure of loved ones, just channel your thoughts to continue in your professional, academic, and personal life in the most natural way possible. However, every day, pray for the people who left your coexistence. Ask God in your spirituality to protect them today and always so that they may have the eternal rest so deserved.

We know that this situation of loss is tough, but remember that it is part of life. No one is left to seed.

The important thing is to be happy and to live a life most honestly and joyfully possible. Inevitably when we go to meet the Father we will be in a great place of merit.

Do not despair or go into depression when you lose a loved one. This lousy feeling will slowly go away and leave you missing the good times you spent together!

Think of it this way, and you will accept the facts more easily. Live one day at a time, and you will be pleased with the moment of departure for eternity.


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