Prayer for the sick

Is someone close to you sick, maybe in your family, perhaps you're sick? Say this powerful prayer for the sick and have hope; everything will improve.

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Having good health is essential because that way, we can live and enjoy our lives without complications. However, we are not always aware of the importance of having good health until we are victims of an illness.

In those moments, there is a feeling that arises inside us, a sense of distress and despair, above all, when we suffer an illness in our life (or a loved one).

What you should do is establish a connection with God. The best way is through a prayer to ask for health and to heal every illness. For that, you can pray to the sick for 21 days in a row at night.

Prayer for the sick at the hospital to improve

Dear Heavenly Father, we bring before You the many people who were admitted to the hospital today. Facing emergency operations or being taken to the hospital because of illness or severe accident. Be with each one of us!

We pray that Your love and peace will strengthen and help each of us in this traumatic time.

Be with the families and friends of all who are experiencing the sudden shock of seeing a loved one rushed to the hospital so that they can find your strength and support in You.

Comfort every heart of the sick or infirm and dry every tear and support those who are weak and cry out in pain, or confusion. I pray that in Your grace, You will attract many to discover their hope in You.

Send Your perfect peace that passes the understanding of those who trust Your Son as Savior. And may this be a time that draws them ever closer to Your loving arms and more to Your prayers, in the Name of Jesus.


Prayer for the healing of a sick person

Almighty and Eternal God!

You are the eternal health of those who believe in You, the sick and infirm!

Hear us for Your sick servant (Name of the person), for whom we implore the help of Your tender mercy, so that, being restored to bodily health, he may give You thanks with his prayers.

Prayer for those in a coma in the ICU

My Savior Jesus Christ, I come before you to pray for (the Name of the person in a coma). Jesus, I pray that you lay your hands on him and that you touch him from head to toe and that he be healed in your Name, Jesus. Yours is just power and healing in His holy Name.

Jesus, I pray that you keep your hands on him, that you wake him up from that coma because anything and everything is possible with you, Jesus Christ.

In your Name and glory, Jesus Christ, I pray for (Name) Amen!

Prayer for the sick person

God, I stand before you in an attitude of prayer. I know that you hear me and see me.

I know that I am in You and that Your strength is in me. Look at this body of mine marked by sickness.

You know, God, how much it pains me to suffer.

I know that my body is the Church, the sanctuary that Jesus Christ always spoke of!

I know that You do not rejoice in the suffering of your children.

Give me, Lord, strength, and courage to overcome moments of pain, despair, and weariness.

Help me to be patient and understanding, so that I can improve and thus heal my body!

At this moment, I offer you all my worries, anguish and sufferings, so that I may be more worthy of you.

Accept, Lord, that I unite my sufferings with the sufferings of your Son Jesus Christ, who, for love of his brothers, gave his life on the Cross.


Prayer for the health of a loved one

Oh! God heals and support (Name). Destroy any disease from your body from your life. We pray that after that, rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul, so that you may be granted strength and provisions in all areas of your life. The Name will be before You, O Lord, and he/she will pray and raise his/her voice in thanks to You.

We glorify thy wonders, O Lord, and in the Name of Jesus, amen!


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