Prayer for lovers

You want to say a prayer for your lover! You can choose between prayer for prudence in the relationship, protection in the relationship, or for engagement.

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Prayer for a lover has been around for a long time. Saint Anthony is the patron saint of those who want to get married, but also of those who wish to have a man.

We can pray to Saint George, for example. This powerful prayer for lovers is also valid for those who are already dating and want to protect themselves.

Prayer for prudence in the relationship

God the Father, source of love, open our hearts and minds to recognize in You the origin and the goal of our journey as a couple.

Jesus Christ, the beloved Spouse, teaches us fidelity and respect, shows us the truth of our feelings, makes us available to the gift of life.

Spirit, the fire of love, enkindle in us the passion for the Kingdom, the courage to make tremendous and responsible decisions, the wisdom of tenderness and forgiveness.

God, Trinity of Love, guides our steps.


πŸ“ƒ Author Pope Francis

Prayer to ask for protection in the relationship

Saint George, you who dominated the dragon, I ask that I govern this heart (name), which will be closed to all women and will be open only to me.

May he now love me as his wife, bless my Father, this new phase this new moment.

In the name of Jesus Christ, may our hearts, his children, seek affection, the grace of mutual understanding, and growth in the Lord’s faith and power, and may love be eternal, and may marriage be our destiny.


Prayer to enter into an engagement

In this prayer, the future bride and groom can ask to persevere towards the Sacrament of Marriage.

Lord, you who have chosen us this day to found a Christian home, make us well prepared to receive You worthily in the Sacrament of Marriage.

Help us to understand our great vocation, and that I may fulfill it by never letting you down.

Help us in the effort to know each other and to correct our defects so that we may be happier.

Help us to prepare together, when in time to form a stable, welcoming home, where all find love and peace.

Help us to fulfill your will, to accept joys and sorrows equally.

Keep our promises until your blessing gives us each other forever.


Prayer to Saint Anthony for the relationship

Mighty St. Anthony, the protector of loves, looks after me, my desires and helps me to strengthen my personality. Help me to defend myself from the dangers of evil in the world, from disturbances, from envy, from jealousy.

Help to keep bad people or partners away from me. It keeps away failures, disappointments, disenchantments, and mistakes in passion.

It helps me to find a path with holiness to the future and life for two, and then to do good and do the deeds of those who have received a vocation and a social duty from the Lord.

I pray that our hearts will seek understanding, and growth in faith and that love will be infinite and eternal, and that marriage will be our desire.


Why do we have to pray when we ask someone?

When we think about having relationships, we have to deliver them into God’s hands and ask him to send us a person of peace, who complements our existence, and not makes us suffer or have a disappointment.

A man brought through God can become a good husband. Because of this, we have to ask for wisdom to know if that person will complement us, with serenity, happiness, and good intentions.

Few prayers are as powerful as the prayer for courtship, especially if you are looking for your soul mate.

Think about it and be very careful.


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