Prayer for losing weight

Let's say a prayer to lose weight! Choose between praying to lose weight quickly or to lose weight by asking for the intersection of the Blessed Sacrament!

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The powerful prayer to control the appetite has helped many who go through this disorder throughout their lives. This prayer strengthens our spirit and gives us the strength to believe and continue until our final goal.

Through prayer, we believe that losing weight is possible. However, we should not forget to go to a dietician and make an appropriate medical follow-up, which will help us.

Here are some prayers for weight loss to achieve your goals and to maintain order in your body.

Prayer for quick weight loss

In this prayer, we ask for deliverance from the sin of Gluttony, because through it we see food as a source of anguish and anxiety and not as a pleasurable and necessary good for our health.

Lord my God, thank you for the life and body you have given me.

With Your help, I want to have wisdom and self-control with my food.

God, take away from me all anxiety, dissatisfaction, fears, or phobias that often lead me to take refuge in over-eating.

Please help me to have the ideal weight for my height.

Take away from me all the emotional and feeding uncontrollability. And that I enjoy an activity and physical practice for weight loss in days, that I have healthy habits and with it the discovery of the reward of love for myself.

Father, I want to have a healthy, thin body and a balanced mind, committed to this regime challenge so that the Lord may dwell in me. Then I may reflect Your Holy Spirit, with the results of the loss of (so many) kilos.

In this prayer, I ask You to release me from all obesity, from all hormonal uncontrol, to balance my metabolism and to bless my whole being.


Prayer to lose weight properly

In praying, we ask for the balance to achieve the final goal without damaging our health. For, as we know, the lack of certain nutrients can lead to problems such as anemia.

Oh! My Most High, Father of great strength and infinite power. With all humility, in the name of Jesus, I now place myself in His holy and glorious presence, my God, to ask for the high touch in all areas of my life.

Make a miraculous liberation and transformation so that I may have more wisdom, faith, self-control, the strength of will, discipline and, much perseverance for me to lose weight in fact and with robust health and mind.

My beloved God, your word says that without the Lord, we cannot do anything and that no hair falls from our head without the Lord, allowing it.

Therefore, my dear God, with all humility and respect, I ask you: send into my life, your beautiful, Holy Spirit, so that He may pour out the gift of wisdom, energy, sacrifice and self-control upon my entire existence.

My Eternal Father, have mercy on me, forgive all my sins, and help me to lose weight.

Oh! Great and mighty God of Israel, come to my aid and, with your steady hand, remove powerfully from all areas of my life, the problem of anxiety, nervousness, low self-esteem.

Like the non-acceptance of my own body, all lack of balance, curse, hereditary load, genetic factor, influence, work, or action of the forces of evil!

My Almighty, please, I ask you, remove from my life, any mental, physical, emotional, sentimental, feeding, or spiritual disturbance that is causing in my daily life, the lack of self-control, perseverance, or any other impediment to the success of my weight loss.

This is what I ask of you, and I thank you in advance for having heard this simple prayer of mine. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.


Prayer to lose weight under the hand of God

When we pray this prayer, we ask God to help us to have the strength to perform the necessary exercises and to consume the right foods.

Lord, help me to lose weight.

If I do not get rid of the urgent excess weight, I will be very damaged due to my health.

I do not want to be compromised nor to compromise the temple of Your Spirit, which is my physical body.

Please help me to enjoy exercises, to feed myself adequately, and to have the strength and motivation to run after an ideal physical body.

From now on, I thank you for all that the Lord, for the faith, has already done in my life.


Follow up with nutritionists

Even if we pray, we must not neglect our physical part. Nutritionists are an essential part of keeping the nutrients in balance.

Remember that the diet must be by your height and also the weight; certain nutrients can not be missing in our diet.

Do not make diets without knowing if there is a risk for you; there are diets that can lead to heart attack and hypertension; avoid following recommendations from dubious sites, always consult a nutritionist.


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