Prayer for joy

Want to bring more light and joy to you? Say this prayer and then wait anxiously to bring joy and flood your life again.

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Prayers of Joy

Faith and joy are practically synonymous. Still, we find those who walk in the walk of hope so, sad, defeated, and depressed.

God gives us a new beginning when we turn our hearts to Him.

If your life is weak and full of repentance, and if you are feeling exhausted of joy, say this simple prayer of joy. Then wait eagerly to bring joy and flood you’re again.

Prayer of the joy of life

Father, your Word is my source of encouragement. Today I want to exchange my joyless countenance for a spirit of praise and gratitude.

I ask you to recycle this old self, worn out and without strength, into a new person with a renewed perspective, with enthusiasm, a view from God on my life, prosperity, and circumstances.

Restore the original joy I found when I first laid eyes on His Truth.

Make me new again! My spirit needs your resurrection.

Breathe into my nostrils the breath of life of the resurrected, as you did with Adam. Holy Spirit, fill me with the light the love of my Creator!

See the suffering of my soul and ask it to rejoice again!

Please fill me with good food and restore my feelings for friends who will help me to walk this path with happiness!

Joy is your will and your path!

I choose to be happy today! And I wait with anticipation while You fill me with the capacity for joy once again.

In the name of Jesus. Amen!

Prayer for happiness

Dear Lord, there is some time, some days, that I know I was a sinner, and I would like you to forgive me.

I beg you to bring happiness into my life so that I can deal with that repentance again.

Please, Lord, take away the tears and the depression now, for I have clung to it because of the past.

Please bring me this miracle of peace, which I want and need so much.

I love you. Amen!

A biblical story about the joy of the Lord

There are times when we conclude that we have lost an opportunity of life, Lord. That is almost always a way to mourn.

Nehemiah had taken the exiled Jews back to Jerusalem to find the city walls in total ruin. When the Israelites began to rebuild the walls, they also began to rebuild their lives, reviving themselves with the Word of the Father.

When they did, they discovered, like all of us, that their lives were not fully aligned with the Father’s principles. This gave them cause to regret.

First, Nehemiah encouraged slaughtered Israelites to eat good food! Don’t forget to feed your body well when you have signs of depression. He never ignores the physicality of our lives. Our bodies are His temple and must be kept carefully.

Have you missed God somehow, and has this become a source of sadness for you? Let doubt and repentance vanish. Begin to drink the sweet presence of light and its sweet Truth…

And he said unto them, Go ye, eat ye fat, and drink ye sweet, and send portions unto them that have nothing prepared for themselves: for this day is dedicated unto our Lord: therefore grieve not yourselves: for the joy of the Lord is your strength (Nehemiah 8:10).


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