Prayer for impossible causes

Let us make a strong and powerful prayer for impossible causes asking for the help of St. Expedite, the patron saint of just and urgent causes.

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Contrary to what many people imagine, the powerful prayer of impossible causes is not a pure myth. It is based basically on the concept that faith moves mountains, which proves, that is, something inconceivable.

Not by chance, a significant number of devotees have maintained the belief that this kind of prayer can be fundamental to achieving something that would otherwise be unattainable.

An unsolved cause can be either something supernatural or something that its human capacities do not allow it to achieve. In both cases, the prayers in their different versions can be useful.

To illustrate this, we present here some of the central prayers for impossible causes available in this sense.

Prayer for impossible and urgent causes

The first version asks more for the word of God. The prayer follows this tone and is strong precisely because it proves the sacred scriptures.

Lord, in the face of so many testimonies, which feed our faith.

I come here to pray this prayer because I have faith that the Lord is the God of the impossible.

So I ask you now in the name of Jesus, do everything possible in my life!

Oh God, who opened the red sea, knocked down the walls and made a four-day dead man rise again, in addition to the people with paralysis who walked back.

I have an impossible cause, and I place it in Your hands, and by my faith, I believe that this cause is won!

In the name of Jesus Christ! Let the evil that stands in the way come out! And may the good and the truth you bless come upon me in the name of Jesus Christ!

Open my day with the right ways and put a shield on my life!


Prayer to God to do the impossible

Lord, you are faithful in all things. Your promises last forever, and there is no limit to your miracles.

In your hands, all things are possible.

It was you who overcame death and made a place for millions of us in heaven.

May we never stop singing your praises, and have our eyes for certainty and the good of the people.

In your name, we pray.


Benefits of prayer for impossible causes

In general, the main advantage of using this prayer is the urgency in solving problems, especially in the case of the second version, that of Saint Expedite.

It must be carried out with faith and a light heart. For this, it is necessary to mentalize the words and to believe in the depths that the request is being heard.

No matter if your need is financial, profession, marriage, pregnancy, childbirth, health, or even emotional, this is the kind of prayer that can be useful when everything seems unreal.


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