Prayer for a husband to stay home

Are you tired of your husband not stopping home for a second? Say this strong prayer and ask the Lord to make you a homely man.

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It happened to everyone, who always has a wife willing to hit on the husbands of others and bind them in their hammocks so that they forget their families without the slightest sadness or resentment for the damage they leave behind.

If that is what you are going through now, dear friend, I am telling you that you are not alone and that many women must also have suffered such cruel anguish.

The good news is that all is not lost and we have someone they do not have.

We count on the formidable and wonderful power of Our Creator Father. He will always be willing to defend the family, above all else. He will give the necessary support so that it is not destroyed or dispersed, with the prayer for a husband to stay home.

Prayer for a husband to stay home

My Dear Beloved Creator Father, I feel humiliated to have to address you on this day for such a matter. However, I think that I have no alternative at hand.

I think my husband is having an affair with another, and that made me cry a few days ago.

I don’t know what else to do to make my husband stay with me, or what makes him more homely, with more time and attention to me, and I think I’m running out of resources and time to make him stay more by my side.

There have been many episodes that indicate to me that he is seeing someone else, so I have to do something before there is nothing to rescue.

I ask for your powerful grace that I have my husband’s sympathy for seeing me as a good company, and much better in bed than I am giving him affection and pleasure.

My Heavenly Father, I feel that this prayer is the only resource I have left to prevent my family from disintegrating and that you are the only one who can do something to stop my marriage from being destroyed.

There have been times when I have confronted him to tell me the truth, but he never speaks. I know he still loves me, but this (so-name) has him entirely in her mind, and I must do something before the woman can take him away from me.

You see, our family is the most valuable asset I have in my life, and for me, it would be devastating if it all ended in a one-night stand that could turn into something else.

Let him stop thinking about her, and when he goes out, he’ll want to come back soon, let him stay home more.

I cannot imagine life without that man, but there is no one else who can help or support me.

I know you’re on my side because you’re supportive of the family being together, after all. I put all my hopes in you, and I know it won’t be in vain.


Will you serve this prayer to make him not go out with another?

A prayer made with all the faith and hope in the world is always a high possibility that your wishes will be fulfilled. Things will work out, but you have to keep in mind that not everything depends on you.

It’s also up to your husband to be interested in making things right with you and in being willing to put your family above everything else. If he doesn’t want to, there’s nothing more that can be done.

Write his name on a piece of paper, throw some sugar on it, and in a way to put at the feet of your saint of devotion in the Church, Prayers are powerful.


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