Prayer for him to send me a message and talk to me

Are you distressed and need a message from someone you love? How about using prayer for a person you like to send you a message or talk to you?

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This prayer for him to send me an urgent message is a channel of technology that facilitates contact and access to communication with people. It is not invasive because you read it when you can, and you see that it has been read.

We are always surrounded by different people, with outstanding personalities, and it is inevitable that among them, we have a particular person who attracts us and makes us believe in love.

The problem occurs when the person we love is not yet aware of it or is not so attracted to us.

The heart is weak, and we can be disappointed quickly, but sometimes we have to give it time and wait for our natural charm to take effect.

Of course, waiting can give us a feeling of despair, to calm our spirits, relax our souls, and allow things to happen in Godโ€™s time.

We can concentrate and pray every night so that we dare to begin contact as soon as possible.

Then we leave you a prayer for him to send me a message or talk to me.

Prayer for him to talk to and text me now

Dear Father, God of heaven and earth!

I want to thank you first for everything, for all the great good you have brought into my life and for teaching me, through your word, that what I ask will work if I have faith.

There is a man I like, (say his name) I canโ€™t get him out of my mind. However, we have not spoken, and I must admit to you that I am very sorry to be the one to take the first step. I want to have courage, because I have the will to send a message through WhatsApp, even today, and I hope it will come back to me in 10 minutes.

I ask you, God, to open his eyes and let him see that I exist. I am now ready to be a loved one, that we have compatible personalities, and that he can be close to me, a good companion, and that he connects us as a good couple.

I have much time in solitude, and my soul is sad.

Send me, this real man, who will share his life and will respect and understand me. May he have sympathy for the messages I will send, and so let us share our dreams and our way of life!

Only you know how much I want a partner for sure, and I know that you made me wait for the right man. Stay with me, listen to me in this call for help, need, and desire.

Angel of light, I ask you to intercede in his mind and thought and give him the courage to come to me, to talk to me, to send messages, and to surrender to the task of starting the conversation and getting to know me.

With urgency!

As for me, I ask you in my prayers, as soon as possible, to give me the strength to put aside my shyness and try to pass on a positive image of a strong woman, a companion, where he can come to connect his heart and tie himself to me, and I will make him full and happy, being my love.

Allow my personality, my way of being and doing things, my power as a woman, my charm, sympathies, and attraction to shine in his eyes.

Please attract his attention and passion and send me any powerful message as soon as possible.

Amen St. Cyprian, St. Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel!

How do I get him to notice me?

While praying to God is an essential point of our intention, we cannot merely sit and wait for the Lord to do everything for us.

He has filled us with the courage and strength to overcome shyness and be the only ones to take control and meaning of our own lives.

That is why we recommend that you always put aside shame, forget fear, pride, uncertainty, and be the one who comes close to Him.

And what works? Send a message.

God has never failed to help you, and He will not fail you now, but He needs you to believe how brave you are in this world.


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