Prayer for him to love me

Do you need him to love you and feel you and that we're as loved as we want? Pray this prayer for him to love you more every day and respect you forever.

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Prayers for him to fall in love with me

Love is a topic of encounter conversation, a cause of pain in the soul, and a cure for any evil that afflicts our spirit. That is why faith in prayer is so important for him to love me more every day.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the most controversial feelings because the way people love is very different from one another, and the way they express it is infinite.

Each type of love is different:

  • the love of a mother
  • the love of a father
  • the love of siblings
  • friendly
  • family

But what most afflicts our heart and makes us suffer is undoubtedly the love of a real relationship.

We like to feel necessary, totally loved, desired, and remembered.

We like to feel special and to remember that the Father created men and women to form families and thus to be able to spread the dimension and the path of love, with the sound of trumpets, throughout the universe.

Allow yourself to love freely and to make some of the following prayers for him to love me forever, to seek human happiness, and to leave your partner in love with you.

Prayer for him to love me madly and feel jealous

Dear Dad! You know all my thoughts, and you know everything I’m feeling right now.

You are the only witness to my truth, my testimonies and testimonies to you, and my deepest desires.

You are my favorite confidant, and I am eternally grateful to you for your presence, for listening to me in past situations and giving me your knowledge, support, and unconditional love.

As you well know, (my name), I am in love with one person, (so-name).

I can’t get him out of my mind; he caught my attention and little by little the feeling of affection and friendship that I had turned into deep love.

I beg Lord, for his help, his powers, grace, light, and strength, that from this moment on, he (name person) falls in love only and desperately with me.

May he feel pleasure in my presence, in being thinking of me, and may he have the desire and the will to make his life with me at his side.

Allow me, God, to feel the deepest, happiest, sweetest, and most sincere love in his heart. I want him to love me so much that I go crazy and stay at my feet.

I want to have such a deep connection with him that, even if he stays away from me in the future, I will miss him and that we will be connected forever and thus never forget myself.

Father, I ask you that I will be his main thought when he wakes up and the one who will fill his day.

May the simple fact of seeing me beside other men, or of someone else die of jealousy and realize once and for all that he loves me as much as I love him.

Give him the courage and the condition to show his love and make the request.


Powerful prayer for him to love me forever

Almighty God, creator of heaven and earth.

It was you who created love and who is responsible for spreading it to every corner and every being on the planet.

Your love is established deep in our hearts and teaches us to love with sincerity and honesty.

I love my partner deeply, Lord, and I know that he loves me too. I fear that this beautiful relationship that we share today will deteriorate over time and that this will make us have to say goodbye in the future.

Holy Father, I practice honesty as a flag, just as you taught me, and that is why I come today with my heart in my hands open to you.

I am afraid, Lord, that my husband will stop loving me and let himself be captivated by the attractions of sin.

Protect my angels, my saints, my mother queen, from all evil and wrath. Surround him with the protective purpose of your sacred cloak, and fill him with sympathies and positive forces.

Make him feel the announcement of a deep love for me and that, as long as we remain in the earthly world, he may express it freely and without complexes.

He is a loving man, and I ask you to keep him that way in our future, Father.


Prayer to St. Cyprian for him to love me desperately

Dear Heavenly Father!

I want to thank you for all the times you have shown me that your word is right and that under your cloak of love and beloved understanding, everything will be possible. I believe in you so much; my faith knows no limits.

May my prayers reach the ears of my beloved (name)! May he is not able to stop thinking of me as I always think of him!

Your faith protects our love, we are kind and healthy people. May he, (name of this angel) my Lord, fall madly in love with me, be mad for me, to give me all his honesty and affection.

I pray that in 24 hours, my beloved, my man will have me in his mind, not to stop thinking of me, to the point of wanting to leave everything to seek me.

My heart is open to love, and I know it is the right one, we are both destined to be a single entity of love under your protection.

May his soul and body, Lord, be intertwined with me as well as his commitment and may we still form a family together.

Amen St. Cyprian! Amen St. Cyprian!

Eternal Love: A Myth?

The word of the Lord has shown us on several occasions that there is real and sincere love.

We cannot be content with toxic loves that only harm us when God has taken upon Himself the decision to create a soulmate for us here on earth.

The eternal love of the couple will exist and be together as long as we are in the arms of our Lord, that is, now and forever.

The love that has been blessed by God has no limits and sees that your woman can overcome any problems and issues.

The love that you have felt has no expiration date and will not be affected by external evil beings who only want to speak evil and see you suffer.

Trust in God; He has shown you that eternal love exists, and you will feel it.


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