Prayer for him to leave everything for me

Is your love for him so great that you'd like him to drop everything to be with you? Then try this strong prayer, and you will see what happens.

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When in your mind, there was an idea of a relationship, and it didn’t happen the way you wanted it to. That’s when you have to take the word of the Lord and through prayer, for him to leave everything for me and recover the courage and strength that is within you.

One of the greatest pains a person feels in their life can be a disappointment.

If you are sure that the person you love is right for you, praying to God for His blessing is your first step.

When God blesses the relationship with all the evil around you, every malicious person who brings only sin and discomfort will be neutralized and removed from the relationship.

This is the best way to get the person you love to remove all the evil, all the sin and all the lust from your life, and see at once that they are better off by your side.

How about if you guide him by the following prayer to God to let go of everything for you?

Prayer for him to leave everything and stay with me

Dear Father, you know that I am faithful to you and I thank you for all the good you do to my life.

Your word is the law, and all the obstacles that came into my life left me teachings.

I will never be able to show you how grateful I am, but I hope you see in my heart the deep love I feel for you.

This time I am asking you something very personal.

You are witness to all my inner battles, my thoughts, and my deepest desires. You know that I am madly in love with a kind man (name)

I feel it’s time to let love take over my being.

You taught me that I must let my soul be complemented by an equal, and I have already found it.

I beg you, Lord, your presence, to make him see all the love I have to give him and give him the courage to express all that he feels intensely for me.

God, may he see that I am all that he has sought and that I can be the ideal combination for him.

I know that envy and lust have tried to take hold of his mind, and he, who is weak, has gradually allowed it.

It gives him the courage and strength to take all the evil out of his environment, let him stay with me, and drive away all the malicious women around him.


Tips for a strong prayer for him to drop everything

The prayer we offer you above is an example to ask for a lasting relationship away from sin.

However, we must remember that your relationship with God must be as honest as possible, and for that, you must speak to Him from the heart.

Do not be afraid to change some phrase or prayer that does not suit you to another that identifies you completely.

Take prayer as an example and create one that makes you feel a real and sincere connection with the Lord.


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