Prayer for him to go crazy for me

Is there a man you like? Do you want to make him feel the same as you do? If you're interested, say this prayer, and you'll see how crazy he'll get.

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There comes a time in the story of a woman when being alone every day becomes dull and sad. And she seeks faith and hopes with a prayer for him to go crazy for me.

God created us to form a family and loving bonds with other human beings so that when we are alone and unaccompanied, we feel empty as if something is missing in our lives.

That is why relationships take on particular importance in people.

The desire to form a family and home, to grow stronger, and the despair of not seeing Prince Charming knock on the door grows. However, you should not despair because God has a particular person prepared for you.

Praying to God for bringing a person who is entirely in love with us, and us with him, is not a whim, it is the continuing escalation of life.

In the world, many people have been carried away by sin and evil, so we need the Lord’s help to remove those who hurt us and increase the love of those who bring us right. For this reason, pray one of these prayers for him to go crazy for me, and you will see how it works.

Prayer for him to go crazy for me

Dear Dad, I want to thank you for the favors you’ve done for me in the past.

I know that your word is fair and that my prayers will always be heard. My faith in you has no limits, so I come to you in a moment of need.

I have been alone for many years, and my heart needs company. All these years, I have prepared for a romantic relationship, and I feel that now is the time to formalize a relationship with the man I like.

Lord, may the man I like to look at me and see me with the eyes of love that I have for him.

I know that his heart is good and that he has pure intentions; he is a man of his word and good manners. Let me finally see myself before his eyes as a woman with the potential of a partner and develop feelings for me.

I implore you, Lord, to give us the connection necessary for our relationship to be full of love and desire.

Make us a healthy relationship where communication, complicity, and love are our flags of success and that we never lack passion, understanding, and patience in dark moments.

I pray this prayer to seek my love and tell the Lord that I am ready to receive that man in my life and that I will welcome him with open arms.

Please, God, let him go crazy for me as I am or will be for him.


Prayer to St. Cyprian for him to be obsessed with me

Dear Heavenly Father, I want to thank you for all the times you have shown me that your word is right and that under your cloak of love and beloved understanding, everything will be possible. I believe in you so much. My faith knows no limits.

May my prayers reach the ears of my beloved (name)! May he is not able to stop thinking of me as I always think of him!

Your faith protects our love, we are kind and healthy people. May he, (put initials) my Lord, fall madly in love with me, to give me all his complicity, human happiness, and affection.

I pray that in 24 hours this pain that breaks the soul will come out and that you will make my beloved, my man, have me in his mind, that he does not want to stop seeing me, to the point of wanting to leave everything to seek me.

My soul is open to love, and I know it is right, we are both destined to be a single soul of love, under your protection.

May your soul, Lord, be entwined with ours, and we can form a family together.

Amen St. Cyprian! Amen St. Cyprian!

Prayer to Yemaya for him to go crazy in love for me

Yemaya, my queen, I pray this prayer to leave a man, crazy with passion and for him to want to see me as soon as he wakes up, to think of me and to miss me.

Please make him crazy that he feels an enormous desire and strength of my presence and to speak to me, saying that he does not take me out of his thoughts and that he needs to see me and be with me at any time.

This prayer is for you to help me and that even today (so-and-so) he misses me a lot and wishes for my company at all times, and that he doesn’t stay away from me.

If he is sleeping, may he dream of me, and when he wakes up, he will have me in mind all the time, not leaving his head the happiness of seeing me and loving me.

Yemaya, my angel of kindness, this prayer to drive a man crazy comes with my request that this man has a crazy love for me, that he be crazy with desire and that on this day and with his sweet grace and power my queen, then he will conquer me and put my name in his heart and fill and feel that his destiny is happy and lucky, like any couple in love.

Thank you!

To make this prayer even stronger

You can use the above prayer as a guide to developing your prayer to the Lord, asking for the name of your loved one,

Remember that it will have a more significant effect if it comes from the soul and the deepest desires, so be as sincere as possible when addressing the Lord and his angels of light.

He is your confidant; he knows the whole truth, and all you ask of him is only with great honesty.

Pray to him with faith, and you will see that all your prayers will be heard and answered to drive a man crazy in due time.


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