Prayer for him to cry for me and not want another

Father, I want to dedicate my strong prayer today to myself, one prayer for him not to want another, because a very particular situation afflicts me.

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I know that men are weak beings easily manipulated by sin, so I make this prayer for him to weep for me and not want another.

Although it was Eve who succumbed to sin, it seems that history has been reversed, and now it is men who are easily attracted by lust, desire, and greed for what surrounds them.

To get a man back on the right path and back to the teachings of the Lord, we must pray, put into his vision and into his mind and body, the love he has always professed for you and God.

Only then can we show men that the path of faithfulness and honesty is to stay on the right way.

Here are two powerful prayers, an intense prayer to make him cry for me and not want another, which will help you to ask the Lord to keep your partnerโ€™s mind and spirit on the right path, and to focus and think only of you.

Prayer for him not to want another

Father, I want to dedicate my strong prayer today to myself, because I am distressed by a very particular situation.

I am sure that you hear any prayer and request I make and that you love me unconditionally, even more so when I am crying, and my eyes are burning with treachery.

Your love is what made me grow as a woman and fight for what I want, and it is precisely this fight that brought me back to you, my Lord, to seek help.

As you know, I am madly in love with one person.

I know that he is the perfect companion for my days and one with whom I want to spend the rest of my life.

We complement each other, we help each other, and we love each other deeply. However, recently I noticed him distracted and with his attention to other women.

I beg you, Lord, to keep your focus on me and let him see that he does not need to look for anything else in other women.

Let him see that I can complement his life entirely and can give him the love, the attraction, the passion, and the affection that he needs so much now.

Let him, Father, love me deeply and give him the courage to show me that.

I beg him to love only me, so that he may realize that it is I who rejoices in his days.

Please, Father, hear my prayers. I thank you within this original and powerful prayer, for speaking to me and listening to my heart that has the will and desires of a woman.


Prayer for him to weep for me with longing

God! You who made the announcement and gave me the strength to wish for and overcome the hundreds of adversities and, through prayers, I take the strength to pray, to continue fighting against terrible situations.

I know that you hear the cries, and you are a witness to my suffering, so I ask you to help me to recover the results and the strength I need to continue.

The man I love has betrayed me. He mocked my trust, played with my feelings, and believed that he has more rights than I do.

You, God, taught me that I must first love myself before I can show love to others and that only you can love me unconditionally.

I have been deeply hurt, God, and I pray that you will make him pay for the damage he has done to me. Make him cry for me today.

I know he is a kindhearted man, but he let himself be manipulated by evil and allowed greed, forbidden anger, and much lust to take hold of him that made him lose, friendship, money, health, and love.

I want him to weep for me and think and realize the damage he has done to me and look to me for forgiveness.

I ask you, God, to make him see that he is a better person than he has been behaving in recent times. Please help me to keep my relationship (name).

Remind him of his teachings, fill him with love, and give him the blessing of honesty and pray for good for this works.

Allow him to apologize, like crazy, for betraying me and for the evil done, and I will be willing to welcome him with open arms because I need him.


Tips for a more sincere prayer

Talking to you is a very personal process that requires and deserves concentration, dedication, and privacy.

The connection with God is private, and no one should interfere with it.

What you ask God for must come from the heart, and He will realize that you are a good person who loves you deeply and that the last thing you want is to annoy you, and so the Holy God will reward you for all your faith.

Come on, create, if you like, a safe and quiet space, better at night, for your prayers, and modify them according to yo


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