Prayer for him to be afraid of losing me

If what you want is to make him feel a deep fear of losing you, then this strong and powerful prayer will undoubtedly help him.

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When one person gets used to the other, they begin to take it for granted and stop trying to win her over or show their love for her. Thatโ€™s why this prayer for him to be afraid of losing you is powerful.

There is nothing more dangerous for a relationship of many years than to fall into the routine.

Two people who love each other, live together for a while, and share their daily life can fall in a few months into a routine that keeps them stable, and that eventually diminishes their enthusiasm, the pleasure for life as a couple.

It is explicit that couples love each other, but often there are no more actions, a look, thoughts, desires that show this, and no more beautiful words.

If this happened to you, you would know that the feeling and image of worthlessness is powerful. You feel secondary, unimportant, and like another object in the house.

How to solve this problem?

How to make your partner realize that your image is valuable, that he is jealous of you, that your life has no meaning, that your desire is enormous, that he is dependent and in love with you, that he will miss you, miss you and anguish when and if you leave?

A prayer for him to be afraid of losing me, dedicated to the Lord, will allow him to reflect on the subject and realize the uncertainties of the heart, the mistakes made, both yours and his. And also the feeling of feeling jealousy, feeling fear, pain, distress, despair, doubt, and needing to get help from someone to work on your head and the situation.

Prayer for him to be afraid of losing me

Lord, I trust you at any time. You are the one who guides my steps, who can give me a solution, advice, alternative, or life purpose.

It calms my soul when I find myself in a period of uncertainty in my chest like the one I am in now.

I feel that my partner has distanced himself from me and that the love I felt is stagnant, accommodating, and not jealous of me.

I know that he still loves me, but every time I feel that he feels safe about me, he does not pay attention to me anymore, which saddens me a lot, because there are moments, days when he does not want to stay with me, that my company does not satisfy him.

He has become accustomed to my presence and feels that he does not need little or any significant effort to keep me happy because he knows that I am his companion and that this will never change.

I love him, and I will always be by his side. But I ask for your help to make you understand that the details of a coupleโ€™s attention and love must continue to be shown every day, despite the years spent together.

I want to become an important woman in his life, a person for whom he is proud and in love, who calls my person and for whom he must continuously strive and whom I, like no one else, make him feel revitalized and happy to be able to live together.

Allow me to reach out to you, my Lord. Try to make him understand that he will be afraid and feel abandoned if I go away and stop loving him.

Let him see through his dreams how sad and tragic his life would be without me.

Let him see that I am talented in his life and let him recover his gratitude, to understand and show me that he is jealous, that he still loves my image, and that I am vital to him.

You taught me to forgive, and I am willing to do so. I beg for your powers, as well as the truth.

Amen in the name of God!


In relationships that have already succumbed to routine and everyday life, it is essential to remember that you still have value.

It is effortless to begin to believe that once you have formalized the relationship, there is nothing more to do, all romanticism is over because now it is time to focus on more important things.

This is a big mistake; the one that suffers the most is your self-esteem.

You must do a process of inner reflection accompanied by God to help you consolidate self-love, show your courage and convince yourself that you are not just a trophy, you are a person with feelings, and these are valid now as never before.


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