Prayer for headache

Let's say a prayer for a headache! Say a prayer is asking for the intercession of Saint Dionysius, Saint Aspace, or Our Lady of the Head.

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Prayer for a headache can rid you of a terrible problem. Whoever suffers from severe pain knows how difficult it is to live with this problem?

Doctors often say that headaches can be spiritual or for some pathological reason, i.e., because of a specific illness, for example.

To combat this neurological disease, in addition to medical monitoring, they can turn to various saints. In this case, faith and medicine must go together to provide healing and well-being to the patient.

Check out some prayers that can be said to ease your headache.

Prayer to ask for the intercession of Saint Dionysius

In making this prayer, we ask Saint Dionysius to intercede for us, with the Father, and that through his intercession, we may achieve the healing so desired.

Ó! God, who gave your saving faith to the people of France through your martyr Dionysus, and glorified him before and after his martyrdom with many miracles, make sure, through his intercession, that the faith practiced and preached by him maybe our light.

May he receive and preserve people from all anxiety of conscience, and may his spirit have the strength to help us in our illnesses, whether by human fragility and in receiving help, may we quickly return to be grateful to you and do our work with strength and will.

I ask that you grant me, by the merits and intercession of this persuasive helper, the request that I humbly present to you, the message of my need for pain.

May your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Thank you.


Prayer for help to Saint Aspace

Holy Aspace, intercede for those who suffer greatly from this evil. We must pray and ask him to bring us relief and cure for many diseases forever.

God, who willed Blessed Ignatius to dedicate himself entirely to everyone, for the salvation of souls, pour into our hearts the sweetness of your grace.

Give to our minds the relief of our sufferings, so that we do not cease to speak well of You and to praise You for all eternity, in the company of Saint Aspace, whose intercession we must implore.

We ask you through our Lord Jesus Christ.

So be it. Amen!

Prayer for help to Our Lady of Heads

When we pray to Our Lady of the Head, we can obtain relief from all the neurological problems that can give rise to our headache.

Here I am, prostrate at your feet, Oh Mother of Heaven and Our Lady!

Touch my heart so that it may always stop sin and have the quality of life.

Pity my spiritual miseries!

And, O most holy Mother, do not also forget the miseries which afflict my body and fill my earthly life with bitterness.

Give me health and strength to overcome all the difficulties that the world opposes me.

Please do not allow my poor head to be tormented by evils that disturb my tranquility and peace.

Through the merits and wisdom of your divine Son, Jesus Christ, and through the love to which you consecrate Him, obtain for me the grace that I now ask of you (the beauty that is desired).

There you have my humble petition, Oh Mary, the powerful Mother.

If you wish, she will be answered.

Our Lady of the Head, pray for us.


Treat headache only with a neurologist

Even if you are a person of great faith, there are cases where religion and medicine must walk together. The headache can appear for many reasons.

Only a specialized doctor can give an accurate diagnosis after evaluating an MRI scan.

Migraine headaches can appear because of a neurological disorder, or because of an allergy to some foods such as chocolate and milk.

Therefore, if you have a severe headache, do not waste time, go to the doctor and ask for a complete diagnosis, especially if the problem is hereditary.


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