Prayer for everything to work out

Are you looking for a prayer to solve everything? Pray a prayer to get everything right, no matter the area of need: love, work, or in surgery.

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At the end of all that matters is that it happens.

The Lord Jesus revealed to us through the account of Jabez that his life changed through prayer. For he was the most remarkable brother because of his devotion to talking with the Lord. Begging for graces, for he always prayed that everything would work out.

Jabez prayed with fervor as follows: “Lord bless me very much.

Then, when he began to be heard receiving many blessings, he changed the content of the prayer to: “Lord God extend my boundaries.”

As soon as he received another blessing, he changed the prayer again to: “May Your hand be with me,” with which he received help from the Lord to manage the graces received and the expanded boundaries.

Finally, he prayed: “Deliver me from evil,” since when a person gets many graces from the Lord, he can be persecuted for the same thing that he prayed to God to deliver him from any evil.

With this, thanks to the prayer for everything to work out and the prayer, Jabez’s life has turned out very well in all areas.

Word of God! Amen!

Prayer for everything to be resolved

Father, I ask you to bless me, for I want your blessings so that (speaking of the situation) it works out that I succeed!

Father, widen my boundaries, my life, my spirituality, my prosperity, extend the terrain where I can walk, and so the situation (speak) can be resolved!

Father, when the Lord enlarges, may Your hand come with me supporting and leading me!

Father, to receive the blessings I cry to You, use Your power to rid me of evil, give me victories before the persecutions that will come against my life!

That is my wish, Lord! In the name of God and Jesus Christ! Amen!

Prayer for the work to be done

Lord Jesus Christ, I thank you for the way you have made me, for the gifts and talents you have placed within me, and I trust that I am the best person for this job.

I am grateful for all the people I work with, even those I don’t like or understand very well.

I ask that you give me the strength to achieve the goals you have set for me always to do my best during my time in this position.

It gives me wisdom and insight into my day-to-day work, even amid a hostile environment.

Help me learn what you want to teach me here and give me patience as you prepare me for the future.

Please help me to do my best and always to remain positive and hopeful.

Please calm the grievances and disappointments in my heart with your great, perfect peace, and allow me to entrust you with my job.

Dress me in the garments of praise and righteousness from Christ, and God that I may bring you glory where I am working.

Allow me to know my true identity, to walk on your behalf, and to try to please you more than those with whom I work.

Where there is controversy, let me be a peacemaker.

If there is a mistake, let me see the truth.
If there is despair, may I bring hope?
If there is fear, may I bring love and faith?
If there is darkness, may I bring light?
If there is sorrow, may I bring joy?

In the power of God, I trust my love. I believe in his high strength to help my life!

Amen my God! Amen Lord!

Tips for everything to work out

We recommend that you say the prayers seven times in a row. If your life doesn’t improve, keep praying for 21 days straight.

Light a white candle to the Holy Spirit!

May it all work out! Amen!


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