Prayer for a man to stand at your feet

Sometimes you have to be firm in love if you want it to crawl at your feet. Say one of these three prayers for him to give himself up to your passion.

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Do you want to be the one who has a love of your life entirely in love with you? Surely the prayer for a man to stand at your feet will help you! Christ only puts people who are worthwhile on your path, and with His help, you can see the man of your dreams totally at your feet.

Nothing and no one pleases a woman more than to see the man she loves surrender entirely to her feelings, sympathies, hard-on, pleasure, and powers.

When you give yourself entirely to a person, you expect to receive in return the same commitment, love, affection, and respect that you provided in the first place.

Many women feel that receiving love, friendship, affection, or commitment back means having completely conquered the heart of man. In a way, this is true.

Only a man who is really in love lets himself be conquered by his feelings and expresses them freely to the person he loves. Then make intense prayer for a man to stand at your feet.

Prayer to leave a man at your feet

Blessed God, a confidant of my problems and the author of all my achievements. I am writing to you today to ask for your help in a matter of emotional mastery.

I have met (so-and-so), and I know that it is with him that I want to spend my time of love. I know that you have unconditional love for me and have put this exceptional person in my path.

I am convinced that we are destined to be together. I want you, God, to make the announcement of this realization, right now and immediately, and to make blessed, with your love, this relationship that is beginning and then can turn into a marriage.

However, Lord, he still has his mind haunted by fears and weak desires and that the evil entities around him can even manipulate him. He lets himself be carried away by the sin that appears in his life in the form of unscrupulous women who want to tame him and take him away.

Lord, I ask you now to remove these and any bad influences from your life. Let me be the one to occupy his mind, tie, feel, and put his thought, heart, and soul into me.

May my face always be the one he sees after waking up every day and repeat itself before he falls asleep! And may he never leave me again.

May our love, Lord, be consolidated as a couple and may it, as courtship. Then a husband, have only eyes and be wholly surrendered, only to my heart and body.

In his power, I believe and know that he will do it for my happiness and peace. Amen!

Prayer for a man to crawl at my feet

My God! I want to thank you first of all for all the good in my life, for all the favors you’ve granted on my behalf. For teaching me daily that your love is the only thing that can keep us safe and that your teachings are the ones that guide the course of my life in 2020 towards well-being.

I have been hurt, sir. The man I love let himself be manipulated by sin, anger, and rage and acted improperly, doing me much harm in the process.

However, Lord, I know he is good at heart and repents of what he has done, but his pride does not allow him to ask forgiveness.

God, I ask him to return to me, to my unconditional love, and to our house full of respect, like the one you taught me.

Make him come back to me, but tell him that apologizing is the right thing to do. I want him to crawl back to me, to declare his love for me like he’s never done before. And then he’ll feel remorse.

Allow him, Jesus Christ, to come back to your teachings and your presence, and my arms. Remind him of your love, understanding, affection. Fill his mind with good thoughts and allow me to see him come back to me. Complete my home to be happy again.


Strong prayer for a man to cry at my feet

Jesus Christ, heir to heaven, son of God, and protector of men!

The man I like, the one who will be the love of my life is showing signs that he also likes me.

He treats me with respect, shows me his feelings, his passion, his desire, and takes care of me. However, for fear of commitment, he does not yet receive the final step and does not ask me to be his wife and eternal partner.

I want to ask you, Lord, to intercede in his thought, decision, will, and destiny and for me to be his loved one, his wife.

May my image be the one that predominates in his thoughts, in his dreams. I want him, Lord, to be completely mad and full of love for me.

Jesus Christ, I ask you to remove the fear of commitment from his thoughts. Give him the courage that I know he has deep down, fills him with strength so that he can take the next step in our relationship.

I beg you, God, not to cry for unrequited love again. Let me love freely and be loved in the same way. Please take away this pain and lack that he makes me.

I know there’s the only room in my life for people who bring me right, and he’s one of them. I beg you, Lord.


Tips to make your prayer even more powerful

Faith and prayer can make the man you like to crawl to you.

Prayers should be done in a quiet environment, away from the noise and from people who may take your desires as a mockery or something meaningless.

Only you are aware of the secure connection you share with the Lord and all the favors He has granted you in the past.

Your faith in Christ is fundamental for prayers to have the desired effect.

Stay away from all those who mock your prayers and your faith in God.

Turn away false believers or those who only turn to the Lord in times of need, but turn away when things are going well.

Your spirit has a unique connection with Christ, and you cannot allow people outside of your faith to try to take you away from Him and His teachings.


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