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Prayers » 👪 Family » 👶 For a husband to want to have a child

A powerful prayer for a husband to want children

husband with his son

One of the greatest longings in a woman’s life is to become a mother, although certain obstacles make this not always a simple task.

For example, there are times when a woman’s husband is not as anxious as she is to have a child so that it can become an impediment to the realization of her dream.

If this is your current situation, you can be calm because you are not the only one and have on your side the most significant support you can have in being human in life, Our Lord Jesus. He’ll help you solve this little problem, and everything will work out.

👶 Prayer for a husband to want to have a child

Today is one of those days when I feel profound sadness, Dear Lord Jesus Christ.

I no longer know what to do so that my husband and I can agree on something, even once in my life, and I feel that this can become an even bigger problem than it already is.

I happen to want to have a child, but he’s not at all happy with the idea. Besides, he rejects it entirely and gets very angry every time we bring it up.

He only thinks about himself and doesn’t take into account what I want and what it’s like to have a family with him.

I don’t understand why the idea of having children seems so, and I don’t even want to think that it can become the cause of separation in the future.

This scenario would hurt me a lot because I love it like never before in my life. I thought about loving someone and got married forever.

I need all the support you can give me to change your mind and be convinced that a child can come and bring all the happiness in the world.

It’s possible that a baby is all we need to be completely happy, but I’ve already understood that he won’t understand it for himself at all.

That’s why I’m asking you to help me change your attitude and to know that I do everything for both of us.

I know that you will change your mind and that very soon I will be able to tell you the fantastic news that we will be parents and that this baby will be the highest sum of all our dreams.


How long will it take me to convince him to have children?

husband walking with child on the beach

There is no specific time when prayer takes time to take effect, but you can be sure that it will happen overnight.

When you least expect it, your husband will come to you with the excellent news that he has changed his mind and that they can have babies when you least expect them.